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Facial numbness after being hit

My nephews party was on Friday and he was swinging a bat blindfolded for piñata and I went to go grab my phone that fell to the floor and got hit in the eye with the bat as he was swinging. I woke up the next day with a black swollen eye and it didn’t look so bad. Just swollen. It is now almost three days later and my nose is numb. Only the nostril and my top teeth on the left side and my lip. It feels like I got shot with novacaine. The numbness started the next morning and has gotten more numb since then. It was only my nose now it is my teeth. I’ve taken Tylenol. There’s no pain. Except if I close my eye really hard my eyeball hurts or obviously if I put any pressure on my eyeball. The white of my eye also has burst blood vessels in it. The swelling is gone on my eye just a nasty dark red bruise surrounding my eye. It’s not even the top part of my nose. Just the entire nostril area. Is this normal. I’ve never had a black eye or facial trauma like that before and the numbness is making me nervous.
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This is blunt trauma to the infraorbital nerve that is under your eye ;it should resolve .
Does it have to be treated? And how long does it take to resolve? Is it one of those things where everyone is different so you can’t really give a definitive answer?
Likely no treatment other than time . It's like leaning on your elbow and 4th and 5th fingers go numb . Only if there is a fracture of the infraorbital rim or maxillary sinus wall near the nerve causing compression. Again, 90% of the time it will resolve within 2- 4 weeks.
It is up to you whether the gravity of the circumstances compel you to seek consultation.  I haven't examined you so my comments are based on years of experience not direct examination.
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