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Facts about Lipoma of the Corpus Callosum

  What is the possible cause of Lipoma of the Corpus Callosum?
  What are the symptoms?
  What is the prognosis?
       A colleague of mine has been diagnosed with a lipoma of the corpus
  callosum. Recently, he has been experiencing visual problems,
  particularly with patterns (such as black and white floor patterns), and
  tracking (such as when he is reading). Is this typical? I did read your
  replies to "Lipoma of corpus callosum" by A Brown, RN on 9/22/97. Can
  you provide some additional information, and/or point me to where I can
  learn more about this.
  Thank You
Dear Elaine,
thank you for your question.
Intracranial (inside the skull) lipoma is a rare entity.
Many authorities regard this as a brain malformation rather than a true
neoplasm. About a third of intracranial lipomas are located in the callosal
(corpus callosum) area. About half are associated with various degrees
of callosal abnormalities, e.g. dysgenesis (malformed)
Many cases are discovered incidentally (truly asymptomatic),
when symptoms occur they can manifest as seizure, headache, mental changes, or weakness. As I mentioned above, these symptoms depend on the associated abnormalities.
Prognosis really depends on the associated malformations.
Surgical treatment is of no value from what has been reported in the literature.
I hope this information helps. You may be able to find more information
in your local medical library.

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