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Fasiculations, Tight Muscles, Worry...

  I have been reading this site since my fasiculations began a few weeks ago (pretty fast, huh!)
  They have been primarily located in my calves, but I do feel them now and then in my arms, upper legs,
  and arms.  I've been to a neuroligist, who I respect, and he believes it is benign.  Since the original
  diagnosis, which included blood work and an ERG (per my insistance).  I run 3 miles per day, and though I feel more
   "stiff and sore" after a workout, I can still run the three miles no problem at all.  My primary care physician believes that
  this is a classic case of stress induced fasiculations, as my entire body seems "tight".  She suggested trying to forget
  about them, gave my a few valium, and sent me on my way.
  I have four children, have been a parent since I was 18, and have no intention of leaving this Earth until
  I see them all grown, and happy.  That said, I fight the ALS connection, and the evolution to not seeing
  my youngest grow old, etc., etc.  Nothing I need to tell any of those I have read on this site.
  I am by nature a worrier, and look for analytical proof before I can let go of things.  What a great
  worry to have!  My sister had her first heart attack when she was 15, and my dad and I performed CPR.  Her second
  was during her wedding, which I was in.  I know the vast significance of ALS, and have already made a contribution to the
  ALS group that struck me first through these investigations.  By the way, I am an American currently living
  in Hong Kong.  Can anybody out there give me some help?
  Bottom line:  Have fasiculations, mostly in calves. Run, no problem while running.  Muscles feel tight all over,
  particularly after lifting weights.  I worry a lot about my mortality.  Can you help/relate????
Dear Mike,
it sounds like your doctor has checked you out and did an EMG ( I
assumed that is what you had). It sounds like benign fasciculation and
cramps. It is normal to have fasciculations in some muscles such as
calves, fingers, and sometimes under the eyes, especially when you are
fatigue. These fasciculations may be prominent after you run and feel
tired. The bottom line is there is no weakness associated with it and the
EMG was normal, that is reassuring.
We call it benign because we don't think it is fatal.
There are rare reports in the literature of benign fascics patients
who later developed ALS. You should continue your regular check up
and if you develop weakness, see a neurologist.
Good luck. I hope this helps.

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