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Fatigue, tight and foggy brain, buzzing ear

Since january 2014 I'm feeling very fatigued, sleepy during the day, can't concentrate, feel foggy inside my head and feel a tightness in my head, have an ongoing deep buzz in my right ear, and wake up every morning with a feverish feeling all through my body and feeling really miserable. After about 2 hours the miserable feeling fades a bit, but returns halfway the afternoon.
I tend to crash every day around 3 o'clock, I then have to lay down and sleep for about 2,5 hours. At night I sleep very lightly with a lot of vivid dreams.
I had a brain scan which showed some minor lesions, which weren't relevant according to the radiologist and neurologist. My blood panel (incl. vitamins) doesn't show any deviations. I had two Lyme tests which didn't show any trace of it (the Elisa and the Western Blot). An allergy test showed several ones, which made me cut them out of my diet, unfortunately with little result.
I have been mostly lying in bed for several months in 2014 and by now am able to work a bit in between sleeping sessions, but am obviously still not doing well. I have been taking a lot of supplements and herbs, but to no avail (amino acids, chinese and other herbs, minerals, vitamins etc.). Also I have been to an acupuncturist and a craniosacral therapist, which helped a little, but not enough.

What could this be?
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How could I find out if there is a fungus involved?
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I meant B12
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You said blood work checked vitamins.

Did it include B-2 and Vitamin D3?
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Thanks for asking Gernfly, yes, it did. B12 was low but I upped it to a decent level in a few weeks by using methylcobalamin sublinguals.
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That sounds awful! I can relate to the pressure in the head and fatigue although i don't need a nap everyday I do need to pace myself and make sure that i don't get worked up or stressed out and I can get through until dinner time.

I was diagnosed with MS last year, whether that is what you have I am unsure, MS seems to be more up and down, so you have an 'attack' or a 'relapse' which has to have happened periodically for a few weeks, generally the symptoms subside, depending on the kind of MS that is.

The world of neurology is a complicated and vast one and I am afraid that only a doctor is likely to be able to answer your questions. If your unhappy with what you have been so far told then go to a different doctor if you can or request more tests, i had to go through 3 MRI's, an extreme amount of blood work and a lumbar puncture (formally known as a spinal tap and not a fun thing to do) to get my diagnosis and I am one of the lucky ones as i was diagnosed fairly quickly from the onset of my first attack.

I'm sorry as I am sure I haven't helped you very much but I wish you luck in finding some answers.
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Hi JaneyLee, thanks for your answer. Sorry for not responding for such a long time, weeks and months pass by without me barely noticing, since I lay in bed most of the time.

Meanwhile I have found out I have Lyme disease, this gave clarity but not a solution yet. I'm using herbs to fight it, but it all goes very slowly. Hopefully I will find some money to travel to Georgia (the country) in the future for phage treatment, but for now things are looking kind of grim, since I'm bankrupt by now cause I hardly can work.

Hope you are doing better and things go well for you.
Thanks for your understanding, it helps :-).
Take care.

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