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Feeling pulsations throughout my whole body. (what's causing it?)

I'm a 17 years old male and I started feeling these strong pulsations throughout my whole body. I can feel it especially when I'm laying down to go to sleep. It's synced with my heart beat. It's been really difficult because I hear a constant thumping noise in my head. I think I started this condition from smoking. A couple months ago I made the biggest mistake and smoked cannabis and tabacco out of a smoking piece. There was a lot of tobacco in it and afterwards I felt very light headed and terrible. I haven't smoked since and for the next couple weeks, my head felt foggy and it was hard for me to concentrate on school work. Then I started noticing my head shaking a little every time my heart pulsed. In the next month my head started shaking less but then this pulsating started occurring louder and it became stronger once time went on. Now I can feel it always and I feel it on any body part when I put pressure on it. and i feel a weird tingling sensation on the top of my head. Every time it pulses I feel my head move slightly and my mouth moves.  Also I noticed these eye floaters that have developed in the past couple of weeks. I can see these black specs move around my eyes when I look around. It's been 5 months since it started and I've been to a pediatrician, ENT, Cardiologist, and the ER. I've had my ears checked, had a MRI on the brain, MRA on the blood vessels throughout my body. Also I've had my heart rate checked, EKG of the heart, and MRI on the heart and everything has came back normal. I had ear wax removed and this slightly decreased the pulsing in my ears but it still feels very strong. I've been doing research and I found out about pulsatile tinnitus (the whooshing sounds in ears). I think this is what it is because the pulsating is very strong in my ears and I hear ringing when I cover my ears. I just don't know what's causing it. thank you if you have any ideas of what's causing this or if you know what I should do.
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Go to an ENT doctor and ophthalmologist for floaters. Also thorough blood work from Primary doctor.
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