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Feels like I'm vibrating!

I have started feeling like my body was "vibrating" - not spasms, or jerking - like there is a vibrator in my body.  Feel it most in the back, but everywhere else too.  Mostly happens when I am sleeping or relaxed - it will wake me up, but has happened once when standing. Does not hurt - just very disconcerting.  What is it?  Who do I go to for it? What words do I use to check the internet?
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First of all, keep in mind that I am unable to diagnose you because I am unable to examine you, this forum is for educational purposes.      
     The symptoms that you describe of 'vibrating' is very atypical and does not fit in a neurologic disease that I am aware of.  That being said, some people with numbness or other sensory complaints associated with multiple sclerosis, seizures or even TIAs (transient ischemic attacks) have described such strange sensory phenonenon.  I would suggest that you get an MRI of the brain with contrast to evaluate for a structural lesion (such as MS, stroke, tumor, etc).  I would also suggest an EEG (brain wave test) to evaluate for any possible seizure activity.  If the above test come back normal and you have been evaluated by a neurologist, I would suspect that your symptoms could also be due to stress/anxiety (although this diagnosis is only to be considered after the testing is done).  
I hope this has been helpful.
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First of all, I am 28, Male.

    I am sorry to hear that this is happening to you, but for me-I am happy to have found you at some level.
    But yes, you are not alone. Everything you say about it is like I am reading my own thoughts and experiences and I have never found anyone who understands it.
    I have seen about 9 doctors-of varous specialties-and none of them have answers. I have noticed that stressful situations can make it come on. Originally it started with only when I was lying down-this lasted for about 6 mo. It always seemed to be in my back, but then, it finally has become my whole body; but the epicenter, if you will, is the lower back.
    I have had contrast MRI studies of the brain,  c, t and l spine and nothing there indicates something weird, aside from 1 thing.
    I do have typical MS lesions in the brain and in the C-Spine. They think that I have Lyme disease instead of old fashioned M.S.-but who knows.
    I know the hell of this weird symptom, believe me, I do.  
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I am 56 Female with multiple medical problems.  This one is relatively new.  After several TIAs in 2002 they found a few areas on the brain - maybe MS maybe the TIAs - not sure.   Father, uncle, great uncle all  had Parkinsons.  I have fibromyalgia, arthritis, and bone spurs in several joints as well as the spine.  So many symptoms can be attributed to various reasons.  Where should I start with this "vibrating" sensation?
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I don't mean to piggyback your comments but I can associate with the vibrating feeling except it is located in my head.  I had a recent episode which was like my brain shaking, I can't describe this very well but it was a momemtary shudder in my head and I had to steady myself,  I got an awful full feeling in my face afterwards.  I am awaiting an MRI scan, it could take two months for this. But when I get these feelings, it feels afterwards like the world it slanted and I'm walking up hill on straight ground, anyone else got these sort of episodes? I had neurological tests, and they are normal so even the Docs are scratching their heads and holding out for an MRI scan to show what it is. I have a history of Sarcoidosis on the lung, wondering could there be neuro involvement?

Best regards
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I often wear a pager at work that silently vibrates in my pocket when paged.  I noticed I continued to reach for the pager long after I returned home at night and even weeks between wearing the pager. The sensation genrally occurred at lower abdominal to upper thigh area frontal area.  Always thought it was just a memory association, electromagnentic field or something equally unusual. I stopped the vibration while wearing the pager and put it on beep, but I do continue to have the sensation.  It is truly a bizarre feeling and occurs quite frequently.
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I am a 52 year old female with the same disturbing vibrations.  For me, it is head to toe.  I had an MRI w/wo contrast about six months ago and it was normal as was my neuro clinical evaluation.  At this point, I am so sleep deprived that I feel it has worsened the condition.  I wish I could offer insight, but I'm as lost in this maze as you are.  Sleep aids only make my symptoms worse.  I have also noticed that other stimulants (alcohol, caffein, and meds such as benadryl and tylenol p.m) increase the intensity of the "buzzing".  I hope you are quicker finding a diagnosis than I have been.  Best wishes for your continued good health.

P.S.  Do you drink diet soda by any chance?  An alternative dr. scolded me for the number of diet drinks I consume on a daily basis, and warned me of the side effects associated with aspertame (sp?)  Just a thought.
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