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Feet on fire!!

My feet are always burning, it feels like I have something tight wrapped around my toes but the burning is the whole foot. It is so bad that the skin is peeling on my feet. I tried putting cream on my feet...BIG mistake...my feet felt like they were cooking from the inside with the cream on them...feels horrible.   I take gabapentin3x's a day and take tramadol 1pill 3xs a day...doesnt even touch it.  Its to the point where I wish I was dead...you get tired of always being in pain.  I hear about capiscum cream but that I think would make them burn even worse.  PLEASE PLEASE any help would be appreciated

Thanks so much
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HI Jean thanks for the input...I have had this for about 4 years...first it was just a little but now its unbearable...I cannot do anything..no playing with the grand kids nothing....the numb burning feeling is now up past my foot working its way to the ankle. My dr just never addresses it properly.
Thanks Jean
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OK...I will try to help but I am not sure...but since I have slight burning on my feet that get red on the bottoms when I walk (my legs swell with blood and get painful) I went to the doctor and he ignored me.  I was sent to a dermatologist who said I had Erythromelgia: (burning hands and feet) http://www.erythromelalgia.org/WhatisEM.aspx

But I do not believe I have this, but maybe it is what you might have.  But if the skin is peeling I think that this could be from injury or blood vessel problems.  Did your doctor see this?  Doctors look at things and sometimes ignore them...

How long has this been going on?  I think you might also have some nerve damage.  My doctors have not helped me, until I saw the words "blood pooling in veins" in  my medical record, and so now I KNOW my symptoms are from blood vessels.  Because all these years (since 2001) the doctors thought my leg pain was from nerve damager in my spine...and they were wrong.

So what ever your doctor says..he/she might be wrong.
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