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Fibromyalgia severe, ubos on mri

I have been battling fibromyalgia for 9 years. I am now 50 years old and the past two years have been a nightmare, I have been unable to work. In 1991 I had an MRI which showed had a UBO(unknown bright object) I was told not to worry that is was Not MS.In 1997 another MRI showed 8 UBOS, and a repeat MRI recently showed 9 UBOs. Everyone tells me that that is odd but that it is not MS.I am so ill,and in so much pain, Nothing is helping. Does anyone know what a UBO is? I also had an MRA which showed partial occlusion of the cerebral arteries ony to have a reapeat that was normal. I am so frutrated
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First of all, keep in mind that I am unable to diagnose you because I am unable to examine you, this forum is for educational purposes.    
   The concept of UBOs is an often difficult and frustrating one, not to mention confusing.  If you do not know how to read MRIs at all then everyting on it is a UBO (unknown bright object), With the most senior experienced radiologist, much fewer things are labeled UBOs, but still some spots can not be identified.  Frequent occurances that end up in the UBO category are the effects of small vessel disease (related to hypertension) and spots related to migraine headaches.  The concerning thing about your story is the progessive nature of the "UBOs" (increasing number).  I would suggest that you take your MRIs and have them examined by a neurologist and/or neuroradiologist at a major academic center.  As for the fibromyalgia, I would recommend a sleep study (Fibromyalgia has been linking to a chronic sleep disorder.
I hope this has been helpful.
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Hi Nina, I two have been battling FMS since 1995 and I am well
aware of your pain syptoms for every days is a challenge for me to. I have Had an MRI done every 2 yrs, my say's that I have promient bright light periventricular signal in white matter
more promient on right than left. I am very curious what the
doc's from this site will say. I had my questioned asnwered in
September 2006, the site Nuero thought it was very Possible that
I had MS. But when I saw a Nuerologist even though my exam was
not within the normal limit's, he ruled out MS and said that he did not even think it was FMS, even after seeing a millions and one specialist back in 1995 that has been my DX and I agree nothing helps. the nuerologist has now labeled it as anixiey to which my PCP does not agree. They also label it anxiety or physicological I am hoping that your answer will also help me. I hope thing get better.
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I have FM too and hope you get an answer soon.
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i was diagnosed w/MS in 2003 after six weeks of increased symptoms of migraines,cold spots, numbness and tingling.  Blood work and ANA was negative, but evoked potentials testing was positive, along with an MRI of the brain which revealed 5 small lesions in the MRI along with a positive Evoked Potentials electrodiagnostic test MRI revealed several small lesions in the white matter consistent with demylenating disease (MS).
i would definitely seek out a Neurologist who will listen to you and request other testing be performed to rule out MS or fibromyalgia.  A lumbar puncture can also evaluate MS and can be performed in the doctor's office.   I wish you well and hope you find an answer to your symptoms.
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Me too! I've had FMS/CFS 15 years (Dx'd numerous times) but I have developed something different & worse on top of FMS this last year (possible Lyme or Lupus). Doc prescribed the Marshall Protocol (MP), I've been on it since August, still new to it but I KNOW its working! You may want to check it out. Look up "Essential Information about the MP" on there main page marshallprotocol.com. Its not for everyone, and is a long term treatment, but it IS successful and treating many different autoimmune problems. You may also want to Google CFS, CFIDS, Lupus, & Lyme disease. (The MP is currently treating patients with these problems!) (Also heavy metal poisoning may be another avenue to check into.)
Here's some links that have good info:
fmnetnews.com (Support for FMS/CFS sufferers)

Hope you feel better soon, but in the mean time know you're not alone!!!
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Hey guys,

I got sick in 2003, after getting anthrax shots. I was diagnosed with fibro, chronic fatigue, and numerous other things. Concerning fibro: Fibro is one of those things, doctors really dont know the cause. They say stress or a virus. I have been given  blood tests showing activation of EBV and Chlamidia pnemonia. I endure constant pain, and fatigue. But, there are things that can help which doctors dont tell you. Gulf War Illness is pretty much the same. Find a book by Board Certified Internist Jacob Teitelbaum, MD
Its about  https://www.endfatigue.com/home.nsf Fibro and what doctors dont want you to know. You have to be positive. There has been success in antibitoics and antiviruls, also supplements and different herbs and so forth people have found help. Doctors really have no clue what fibro is, and they give what they think will help you.
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I am a 29yr old female, diagnosed with FM 2 years ago, and have had 2 MRI in the last year. Im not sure what the medical terms are surrounding my results but I do know that there was one lesion found on the first MRI approx. 6mm and the lesion measured 8mm on the second MRI. I am going for a third MRI next month this time with contrast dye to map the lesion and determine the exact size. My Neuro is watching me closely for MS. I have bouts of extreme fatigue and my hands & feet are always very cold. I also get numbness and tingling in my extremities, sometimes it feels like electic shocks. I also get unexplained fevers, not real high, but enough to make me feel miserable between 38 - 39 degrees (my usual temp is  35-36).
My arms and legs get so stiff sometimes that I have alot of dificulty climbing the stairs in my house. My memory is not as great as it once was, my family used to call me the walking phone book and now I have trouble remembering my own phone number. Some days are better than others, and some weeks are better than others. My GP took me off work recently, and Iam feeling really down over not working and maybe not being able to return to work at such a young age. I take several non-medicinal remedies, and I couldn't live without them, I take 2000mg of evening primrose oil, 400mg of vitamine E, and 2000mg of Glucosamine. Just wondering if there is anyone else taking these supplements?
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You might want to post over on the Neurology Support Forum--the patient-to-patient forum--instead of here, as you might get more responses.  Click on the top of the page and it will take you there.
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