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In mid November 2007 I caught a virus. By thanksgiving I had acquired bronchitis that was cured by steroids. Around late December 2007 I started to feel just all around not well. My muscles hurt constantly and on December 31st I scheduled a massage. The massage therapist was unable to get some of the knots out of my shoulders. The next day I woke up with an excruciating headache. I have had many headaches and migraines in my life, but this one was by far one of the worst. After several doctors visits and a couple of emergency rooms, I found out it was the flu through a nose swab. It was hard to diagnose because the only symptoms I had were a severe headache and muscles aches, no fever or sore throat.
After three weeks, I did not feel better. In fact I felt worse. I went to my primary and I tested positive for mononucleosis. My only symptoms were severe headache, muscle aches, and extreme fatigue. As a mono headache usually goes away within a couple of weeks, mine did not. It got worse and worse to the point where I would cry everyday. I tried many medicines including ibuprofen 800, naproxen, verelan pm to prevent, indomethicin, entex pse, esgic, midrin, imitrex, maxalt, etc. None of them worked. I was in so much pain through all of January and February 2008. I dropped school and work; I could not function.
For the severe headache my doctor sent me to one of the best headache clinics in the state. I had many symptoms, however my main were severe headache, pain with eye movement and tender scalp (mostly tender on the left.) My neurologist prescribed me steroids and a muscle relaxer to knock out the severe headache because she thought it was due to the tense muscles in my neck, shoulders, and back. When that did not work, after trying a shot of steroids and muscle relaxer directly into my neck muscles, she finally knocked the severe headache out with a combination of toradol, compazine, a steroid and an NSAID all while I was on an IV. The next day she put me on depakote, cymbalta, steroids, and muscle relaxers all at once. After this, I was better; however still had the baseline headache.
In early March 2008, I still had the baseline headache that would frequently transform into a migraine. (I am prone to migraines.) I tried maxalt, midrin, imitrex, etc. To this day, the only thing that takes the edge off is vicodin. A combination of toradol and compozine doesn’t even seem to work anymore.
In March, I went to my primary again because I had a reaction (hives) to one of the meds. I told him my symptoms and he mentioned fibromyalgia. Since then I have been to two rheumatologists and both confirmed this. My symptoms are muscle pain, fatigue, not sleeping well, recurrent headaches, facial pain, ear pain (L), TMJ, numbness and tingling, sensitivity to light/odors, migraines, pain with eye movement (L) and scalp tenderness (L).
My morning routine consists of drinking only one cup of coffee, taking a multivitamin, pro-biotic, magnesium and calcium. I stretch for a half hour and walk for another. I also took up yoga. I also make sure I eat. Currently I am on cymbalta 60mg at night, and sometimes zanaflex or passionflower to relax my muscles. I also eat very healthy. My diet consists of vegetables, fruit, carbs, organic dairy products, beans, protein, and is meat-free. I don’t try not to eat any artificial anything such as no artificial sweeteners and no artificial butter, etc. I only drink the one-cup of coffee in the morning and all water the rest of the day.
However, there are a couple symptoms that don’t seem to match with fibromyalgia/CFS. These are, my muscle pain/stiffness is always worse on the left, and with fibro, the pain is supposed to be symmetric on both sides. I also see visible snow anytime I look up, hundreds of them. I have also noticed when I move my eyes the back of my left eye hurts a great deal. And I am always thirsty. I drink water ALL THE TIME. My senior year of high school my teacher was also a nurse, and thought I might have diabetes, however one of my friend’s checked my numbers on her meter (she had diabetes) and she said they were normal.
Since late December 2007, to this day, I still have my baseline headache. I have gone to bed with the headache and woken up with the same one.

(By the way, I have had a CT scan, MRI, two spinal taps and blood work, all which are normal.)

I would like your opinion on the situation. Do you think I have fibromyalgia/CFS? Do you think I could have something totally different? Do you think I could have a combination of both?


Olivia, 18, Michigan.
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