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Fingers up to lower back numb

i'm 23,live at home & don't have insurance,nor does my faith rely on doctors.i've read a lot about CTS & my mother asked her doc & he didn't seem very concerned.i use the computer constantly (12 hrs straight at times) & put pressure on my wrist when it rests on the desk.pressure on elbows on the armchair i sit in.lifted weights (20lb barbell) for several months each day (50 curls & 100 bench presses).i've noticed pain in my wrists before from typing, & the day before symptoms,i lifted a bag out of trunk & bent my elbow to lift it & felt a pain in my wrist so i had to sit it down.next day there was tingling in pinky & ring finger, along my palm there & up the side of my hand & wrist.kept lifting my weights a few more days & then stopped when i read about CTS.stopped typing for a week & it didnt get any better.had been wrapping it w/ bandage to keep arm straight so nerve wouldnt get pressed when i bent my arm, but it was still there.i started typing more and using my arm a bit more (lifted my 20-some pound dog twice) & w/in a few days, my arm felt more numb. the tingling in my fingers changed to a numb feeling & it runs up my arm & recently to the back of my shoulderblade & under my arm, sort by the side of my chest.i have a couple tiny bumps at the wrist area as well.i can use my hand but it feels odd.mom's doc said i can bend arm & take b6 pills.i'm not in favour of pain killers, don't eat meat (may be anemic), but i have taken vegetarian vitemans awhile ago but stopped recently.noticed recently when i have my arm straight & then bend it, i feel a small pop w/ some pain.
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Some of your symptoms do sound like carpal tunnel syndrome which is a condition affecting the median nerve in your arm at your wrist. You can certainly get it from sitting at your computer and putting constant pressure on the wrists if not held properly. HOWEVER, the numbness and tingling in your pinky and ring finger is from a different nerve called the ulnar nerve which courses along side the inside of your arm. The ulnar nerve is easily compressed with constant pressure on the elbow against a hard surface such as your described. This is common in patients who are confined to wheelchairs and constantly rest their elbows against the arms of the chair or bear weight against it. On the other hand, the median nerve supplies the thumb, index, and middle finger.

I would recommend seeing a neurologist  and maybe getting some studies such as an EMG (electromyogram) to look at the integrity of your nerves and see which one or ones are actually the problem. The problem could be at your wrist, elbow, or a pinched nerve in your neck.  But I do understand that doctors and tests can be very expensive especially if you don't have insurance. So if you really can't afford it, then take it easy on your arms for a while. No heavy lifting (over 5lbs), watch the elbows when you sit down, continue the vit B6, arm splints at night or during the day to keep it straight, get some special computer pads to protect your wrists while typing, and finally, modify your workout so you can lay off the arms for a while. Try this for a few weeks and see if your symptoms improve. GOod luck.
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