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Fizzing sound in neck

Hi, for about a year now i have had this fizzing sound in my neck that occurs randomly, usually when i am just laying down. It doesnt occur when i am moving my head or anything, its usually just when i sitting still or laying down. It sounds like it is coming directly from the back of my neck and is starting to worry me. I also experience these weird pains in my head that come for about a second and then go and come back again every 10minutes or so. These pains are in 1 area in the back of my head in about a 1 square inch area.. Any ideas???
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Hi, I've had this ever since I was a child.
It's random, and I notice it when I'm lying down.
To me, it sounds like a small stream of bubbles traveling up the spinal column in my neck.

In the several years that I've been frequenting health boards, I've seen other people with this symptom, although I've never seen an explanation.

Wishing you the best,
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Hi carol, thanks for your input. I like how you explained the sound it makes, it describes it perfectly, and i wasnt too worried about it until the weird "headaches" started. I am hoping its nothing, ive done plenty of research on this myself and i couldnt really find an explanation for it as well. That is why i made a post here, hoping a doctor would read my post and give me some input.
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It is so interesting to hear a "bizarre" symptom and have other people jump in to say they've experienced the same thing!  I haven't a clue what could be causing the sensation you are describing.  

I have a symptom that I have been telling neurologists about for more than twenty years.  It is actually my most disabling problem, and they just look at me like I grew a new head.  Finally, reading these forums I found someone complaining of the same thing (I think).  It was reassuring, but he didn't know what it was either.

You seem to be describing what is called "ice pick" headaches.  These are stabbing or piercing pains that usually happen in about the same spot and last only seconds, but can be frightfully painful.  They are benign.  But I should ask if the scalp on that one inch area is very painful and tender to the touch.  Hee's a link on Icepick Headaches:



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Hello, I actually have the same problem except it seems like the traveling bubbles are in my brain. My family thinks I am crazy, but every now and then (more often here recently) I feel or hear these little bubbles in my brain??? So am I crazy or could there be something wrong?
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I feel this too.  It's like a fizzing sensation in the middle of my brain, almost like the foam on top of soda.  Happens most often when I am waking up in the mornings.  I have miagraines often and wonder if it might be related some way.  I'm usually not having a headache during these sensations though.
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i also have that fizzing in the back of my neck i get it when iam really hungry
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I can't believe I found other people with this problem.  I have had this fizzing sound in the back of my neck for about a year.  It almost only happens when I am lying down.  I can also feel a very mild sensation when it happens, but this is difficult to describe.  It only lasts for about 5 to 10 seconds and then stops, and then it will happen again in maybe 15 minutes.  I have not had any headaches, but I have had a lot of upper back pain recently and I am worried that something is wrong.  
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Wow, I thought I was the only one who experienced this. I'd try to tell other people or my neurologist about it, and they'd just look at me funny.

I've had the same fizzing sound which runs up the back of my spine right in the neck area.  It sounds (and feels) like tiny bubbles fizzing up through there.

I've had some other neurological problems going on similar to MS, and wasn't sure if the tiny bubbles were a new symptom or what.  I guess it's not, but I wish I know what it was and what caused it.  
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It happens to me as well.  Only while I'm sleeping.  It's usually followed by hunger pains in my stomach.  It's the most annoying thing and completely interrupts my sleep.  Which is why I'm on the internet at 5am trying to figure out whats wrong with me.  

It has happened in the past, but has been more intense over the last few months.  Told my PCP (Primary Care Physician)  He didn't seem to concerned over it.  Plus I've had X-Rays of my spine (not for this reason), and they said everything looked fine.
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Wow.  I have had this EXACT issue for about two years now.  I can't believe other people on here are experiencing this.  I am having neck pain also that is causing headaches...but this always occurs in the morning while lying in bed or just changing positions, etc.  It is exactly like a very muted soda fizzing traveling up my spine into my neck.  It even tapers off in volume like a soda would towards the end of the pressure realease.  It lasts for 5-10 seconds and then it may happen one or two more times, depending on how long I lie there.  I went to a neck surgeon and explained this to him and he looked at me as though I was on something.  To know others are experiencing this is very helpful, but where are the docs to help out?  I keep worrying it is something with my cerebrospinal fluid leaking out or something crazy...
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Wow, I thought I was completely losing it.  I have heard and can actually feel little air bubbles running up my cervical spinal cord for the past 2 years or so.  For about a year and a half it was only when I lay down at night, but as of late, I can hear and feel it randomly during the day too.  I have a history of migraines and severe headaches and thought maybe they were connected, but that is not the case.  I have worked in the medical field for 11 years and have never heard of this symptom from patients.  I am actually embarrassed to talk to a doctor about this because I am afraid they will look at me like I am crazy.  Any suggestions?  Has anyone received any type of answer or suggested diagnosis for this?  Please help!
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I too get the fizzing sensation in the back of the neck, its not very often but it has happened since I was a child, the reason i'm looking here is that yesterday I had the fizzing in the top of my scalp, not unpleasant or painful but weird! I was hoping to find an explaination. I have always suffered with my ears, a mouth breather since childhood, I think I should have had my adenoids (sp) out, after a cold I am usually left 'bunged up' and half deaf (like when your ears pop during a flight but dont pop back' So i've been no help to anyone one else, but so good to know I am not the only one with an effervesant noggin!
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