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Flickering in eye - optical migrane?

About once a week, I have a vision disturbance, which starts as a tiny flickering dot that gets larger and larger and turns into an irregular type of circle.  The edges of the semi-circle are like jagged "saw-type" sharp edges in brilliant colors. At first it seemed that I was seeing this in both eyes, but recently I have been able to pin it down to my left eye only. When I close my eyes I can still see the visual disturbance, only the colors are more vibrant. The semi-circle gets larger and larger until it is out of my peripheral vision, which takes about 15 to 20 minutes.  During this episode, I am unable to focus on anything (can
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Hello, I used to get these a lot too (when I stared at the computer for too long)  Mine was a square in my left eye with a lot of different colors.  It's just a visual migrane, even if you don't get any pain after.  I used to get a very bad headache after the square went away, but some people don't feel any pain after.  I don't really know how its treated other than laying down, drinking some water, and probably some pain killer (asprin, tylenol, etc.)  I'm no doctor but I've been told its nothing to worry about, so you probably shouldn't worry about it, as long as they don't last a wicked long time.  Mine only lasted a half hour or so..
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I get them too. Same exact thing...circle, jagged edge, in one eye, can't focus.  It was very scary the first time it happened, but I have been assured by a number of doctors that it is, in fact, an optical migrane. I never get a headache with it either. I actually read an article about this in a medical journal which had 100's of people describing the exact same thing as both you and I are, confirming that this is what it is. Try not to worry too much about it!
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I get this infrequently - I actually have it right now which is why I am researching it.

I tend to get it only following (fairly strenuous) exercise - usually about 30 minutes afterwards and it then lasts for 30-60 minutes.

Should I see a doctor?

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i see white spots last about a couple of minutes... I have a lump smaller than a dime size on the back of my head... and pain in my neck.... the eye doctor said it's an opitcal migrane but i'm worried that it could be something else... just wondering if anyone had any advice for me...
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I'm glad to know it's nothing serious.  I was about to run to the eye doctor thinking I had a tumor pressing on my optic nerve.   It started yesterday with a jagged colorful lightning bolt in my left eye and right now it's a jagged circle.  It reminds me of the eye test they do at the doctor office.  No pain so I'm thankful for that.  It probably is from staring at a computer screen for 8-10 hrs a day.
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I just spent the several hours in the ER last night because the doctor wanted to make sure I was not having a stroke. My CTscans were clear and I was relieved. I also had no pain but was somewhat concerned because I knew nothing about optical migranes, or stroke symptems. I called a friend this morn and she is the one who said I was having an optical migrane. I came to this site to look for info and found this chat group. I am relieved to know that so many of us have the same symptoms. I have all of mine in my right eye, but I am left handed so don't know if that makes a difference, since all of the other people commenting have had them on the left eye. Just wanted to share so maybe it will help save someone the time and money to not have to go to the hospital. I have been told there is nothing to be done to prevent them, so guess we just deal with them when they come...Could be worse that's what I'm talking about.....Better a eye trip than a ambulance.
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