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Fluid collection on top of brain but inside skull

I have some neuro symptoms and a few odd things showing up in my MRI. One has not been addressed by any radiologist but I'm afraid that they just didn't notice it.

I do have partially empty sella and signs of intracranial pressure issues. But not sure if this is some kind of hydrocephalus? MRIs taken 3 years apart showed the same thing. It looks like the skull is really thin over that area, too.

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Not sure why you're worried about radiologists.  They make a report, but your specialist who is treating you is the one who does the final diagnosis and treatment plan.  
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Not "worried" so much as 1) there are so many slides and I don't know they all look for everything they could on every slide and 2) I have seen multiple specialists who never looked at the scans themselves, but relied solely on the radiology report.

A radiologist missed empty sella and chiari malformation on the MRI of one of my kids, and so while I ended up taking him to multiple neurologists, since none of them looked at the scans themselves they were mystified as to what was wrong with him. The bad radiology report meant all the second opinions were worthless, since the neurologists didn't look at the scans personally.

It was years before we finally got a proper diagnosis, and the poor child was pretty disabled by POTS for quite a while. I mean, he couldn't walk without falling down for months and had problems with passing out for years.

All because the radiologist didn't know what to look for. So, no... I don't necessarily just trust radiologists to read scans right.

It would be different if the doctors looked at the scans themselves, but they usually don't.
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