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Foot Trauma Diagnoisis

On 9/12, my draft horse stepped on my left foot when she lost her balance.  She weighs 2,060 lbs, and I was not wearing a shoe at the time. The top middle of my foot immediately got a big lump (I thought it was broke). Went to Urgent Care, entire foot swollen, 3rd toe was blue, took xrays, was told nothing was broke, and sent home (no other treatment). on 9/26 saw podiatrist because still couldn't move toes, got a burning sensation in that lump on top of my foot often, and sometimes it feels like it has a twitch (like you get in your eye). She reviewed 2nd xrays (this time weight bearing), said nothing broke, and lump could be 'cyst, ligment, or tendon'. Ordered boot, said to wear it only during day, and that I didn't need to be seen again. As of today, I still can't walk normally, can't move 3rd, 4th, or 5th toe.  Big toe, and 2nd toe are numb often, still have burning on the lump. Most days, the 3rd toe swells enough to push on 2nd toe. Another doctor told me these take a long time to heal.  So my question is, does this sound like normal healing? If so, how long (on average) does it take to heal? And if not, what else could it possibly be since nothing is broke? What type of tests could I have to identify the problem?
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I am not a specialist in foot injuries, and would recommend that you ask another podiatrist of orthoedic surgeon their opinion. However, the inability to move your toes could be due to damage to the tendons, msucles, or the nerves. The loss of sensation would indicate some damage to the sensory nerves in the feet. I am not sure how best to evaluate this, and this is where an orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist would be better suited to assist you. Good luck.
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