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Foot pain

I am a 35 yo female. I have had sharp pains in the top of my right foot, sometimes shooting and sometimes dull.  This happened months ago and went away and I thought it was over but it just recently returned.  It is worse this time though.  I have stabbing pains and everytime I walk or put weight on it, it hurts like crazy.  The pain stops when I sit down.  I have an appt. to see the podiatrist soon.  I believe it is nerve pain because it is a sharp stabbing pain.  What prescription meds will help with this type of pain because the OTC stuff isn't doing anything to help.  What do you think is the problem with my foot?  My bloodwork has come back normal.  I am hypothyroid and have anxieties.  I take Synthroid and Lexapro.

Thank you!
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I am going through something sililar rightnow. Last month I started having sharp, electric shock sensation in my  left foot. It happened twice in 2 weeks so I wasn't terribly worried. Then it started happening daily. I made a Dr appoitnment, but before I could go it started happening multiple times a day. After the shock stopped, my foot would burn and tingle for hours.

I ended up in a clinic on Thursday and was given Gabapentin (Neurontin ) which is a pain med used to treat nerve pain. I have not had anymore episodes of the elctic shock pain since taking it. I do go to my regular Dr on Thursday and I am assuming ( from what Clinic Dr said) that I will end up being refered to a Neuro for further eval.

I recommend a Dr appointment ASAP and hopefully they can help wth the meds and get a diagnosis.

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You know, I've been wondering if you have plantar faciitis. It starts in the arch but radiates to the heel and causes great pain, stabbing pains in fact throughout the foot when you walk on it. I have it and I have to get injected for it because it can create a heel spur. Sometimes the injections help and sometimes they do not, depending on how long I let it go before it's injected again.
The pain that you describe just sounds so reminiscent of my own. When you sit down, it will no longer cause pain because you're taking the pressure off of the ligaments in foot. If you have swelling from inflammation of it, that will also cause a tingley feeling. If you ice and elevate your foot that should help some but if it doesn't, I suggest seeing a podiatrist who might want to try some other modes of therapy. They might try ultrasound along with some injections and anti inflammatory medications. They'll try to exhaust everything before a surgery and they really should so don't be discouraged if they do, something just might help. I have a multitude of foot problems on ONE FOOT ranging from a fused joint, the plantar faciitis, heel spur, neuromas (these are between the toes and make you feel like you're walking on boulders) along with permanent and sometimes massive swelling from lymphedema. My lymphedema is not severe in and of itself, but the swelling from it is quite painful.
I hope that this has helped a little. If you have any questions, please post them.

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Thank you for your information and comments!   I am sorry to hear about all of you foot ailments.  Hopefully, you are doing ok!  I have gone to the Podiatrist since.  First he took xrays and told me I had a old stress fracture that has healed and gave me a cortisone shot for the pain and some anti-imflammatory medicine.  The pain disappeared for about 2 days and returned.  I just went to my follow up visit last week and told him the pain is still there.  I told him I have done alot of reading on the internet and it seems to me that it might be Morton's Neuroma.  He told me that could be a possibility and gave me another cortisone shot and told me to return in 2 weeks.  The doctor seems like he is not sure what it is.  I believe I need to go to another podiatrist for a second opinion.  I feel as if I have nerve issues in my foot because of the shooting, stabbing pains that come and go.  The pain seems to move from one area to another.  Sometimes I just seem to think that I might have to live with this.  I hope not.  I have also heard that surgery does not always cure and sometimes the neuromas return.  Good Luck to you all!
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My name is Karen by the way!  I forgot to post with my comment.
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