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Forminal Stenosis of Cervical Spine

  Forminal Stenosis of Cervical Spine
  I was recently diagnosed with systemic lupus.  In addition to the usual lupus aches and pains, I've also had chronic neck pain for about 2 years.  My rheumatologist ordered an MRI of the cervical area, and the results indicate "moderate right forminal stenosis" in both the C5-C6 and C6-C7 areas.   I have two questions:  (1)  I've never had any injuries that could explain this condition.  Is it possible that the lupus caused it?  (2)  Besides the chronic neck pain, what additional symptoms can this condition cause?  
  Thank you so much for your assistance.
Thanks for your question.  A stenosis (narrowing) of the neural foramina
has the potential of compressing the nerve roots as they exit the spine.
Symptoms can include local pain, pain radiating down the arms, numbness/
tingling in the neck and/or arms/hands, focal muscle weakness (neck or arms).
A history of trauma is not necessary for the genesis of foraminal stenosis,
although vertebral disc problems is a frequently associated pathology.
Systemic lupus is not usually associated with foraminal stenosis.
I hope this information is helpful.  Best of luck.
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