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Fused cranium

  My 2 and a half year old son has just been diagnosed with a fused forward cranium, and has been referred to a neurolgist. I'd like to know something about this, it's effects and corrective procedures.
  At the present time my sons development is normal for his age, he's lively and happy and not showing any symptoms of any problems, except for a prominent (to the touch, not noticeable beneath his hair) ridge along the top of his head. The ridge was noticed during a normal development checkup and he was referred from their. He's had X-rays done already.
Dear Steve,
The condition you describe is called craniosynostosis, or the premature
closure of the sutures in the head.  It occurs in young kids and can
cause a malformation of the skull as the brain grows to adult size.  
Often one can palpate a ridge of bone where the two skull bones have
fused prematurely.  The condition has many names, depending on the particular
sutures involved.  The child's head also has a characteristic appearance,
depending on which sutures have fused.  
At The Cleveland Clinic we have a combined clinic with a neurosurgeon and
a plastic surgeon specifically for such anomalies.  Options for treatment
include wearing a formative helmet and formal surgery to open the fused
suture and allow normal brain growth.
You should speak to a neurosurgeon as to whether your child needs to be
treated.  Should you choose to visit the Cleveland Clinic, an appointment
can be made by calling 800-223-2273.  Ask for the Neurosurgery appointment
desk and tell the secretary you need an appointment in the synostosis
clinic.  Dr.'s Luciano and Papay see patients with these conditions once
a month.
Good luck.

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