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Gadolinium the new problem

I have been having pain right after a series of MRI contrast. Every other test has been clear. I have been pushed about as if I am crazy. Is it that every authority on the subject of MRI's and gadolinium regurgitate what has been written. Has the medical community completely shut off their cognitive reasoning.

Yes it is true gadolinium is non-radioactive. But that does not mean it is safe. Gadolinium is a lanthanide. It is a heavy metal. It has a few properties when its temperature changes and when exposed to magnetic waves. It has to be chelated when injected into the body. Why? BECAUSE IT IS TOXIC in its free state. Mercury, lead... heavy metals as well.

Chelate is when the a bond is created between 2 things. Your body chelates iron in your blood. It removes things by chelating. There are chemicals that when added to things can make them somewhat safer. DTPH-gd3 or something like that is gadolinium with DTPH. The DTPH chelates to the gadolinium and makes it soluable in water and keeps it under wraps. It flows in your blood and creates outlines that are viable when exposed to magnetic waves.

Here is a FACT. Some people suffer from a rare condition that when given gadolinium their calcium levels drop. This is because the bond created with the DTPH prefers things like calcium and zinc. When it drops the gadolinium for these other metals you know have free gadolinium. Everyone no matter who will have a certain level of this problem. And consider that not every batch of the chemical is perfect. People with kidney problems are unable to remove the gadolinium quickly. DTPH-gd3 have a half-life of 2~3 hours, which means that in that time 1/2 of the gadolinium is removed from the body. The bond in Omniscan and the like is not really stable and breaks down quickly. This means that if you are unable to remove the toxin in a certain time, the greater your chances of having more free gadolinium in your system.

I was fine till after the MRI's contrast. I keep hearing the same thing. Just because the FDA says one thing and that it has been used since 1988 and on millions of people means absolutely little. The ADA still says mercury fillings are great, and they make 5 million in royalties every year dispite the younger generations of dentists who refuse to use it and all the evidence to the contrary. I could go on, but because it is prolific does not mean it is 100% safe.

People have different levels of tolerance. People with good kidneys remove the waste rapidly, however, some will de-chelate. You will get some in your system.

I know the literature I have read it. I have talked to "professionals" but no one can answer me intelligently. The companies that produce these drugs make money. It does not benefit them to start a discourse on its possible failures. I am an econometrician. I understand statistics. The tests done can be made to say anything. Depends on what you leave out.

gadolinium is a heavy metal

It must be chelated to be put into the body

I can de-chelate and will do over time.

Everyone who gets gadolinium will have some in them

How do you remove it?
Can your body remove heavy metals on its own?
What can we do to help remove it?

I read one study and only one where the author claimed that gadolinium is removed from the body at less than 1% per day. Is this true.

If you know of a good resources post it.


This discussion is related to MRI of Brain and spine w/ contrast.
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Hi :
I have posted in relation to the gadilenium thing and noone responded ..but i feel for you.. i don;t really trust it either, after havinga brain MRI and had very bad chest paim and it went away an hour after but it was unsettling, then a few months down the road or less i got heart racing..and a wheezing i never had badly. I am now afraid to go back and have a much needed second MRI series of my head back and cervical. I need that and they won;t do it without gadlilenum. Anyway, i'm very insinc w you on this topic. I feel for you, but it seems alot of the drs  say onh... its not going to hurt you. well ... you never know. I dont know you or your definte trouble. But try and find someone to help you or maybe another dr to talk to about it. I  may have to go ahead and have it anyway.. as i need to know whats wrong w me.Peace K
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How do you chelate the gadolinium out of your body? What chelator works best?

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Hi, I am sorry about your experience. I hope your health has become better. I recently had an MRI with gadolinium & almost immediately felt a deep, low pain in the center of my chest. The radiologist said there should be no side effects,but its nearly a week now & I am still getting the pain, palpitations, dizziness. Was admitted to hospital the ECG, & other all reports came back normal. I am confused & worried as to the long term effect of gadolinium. Would you have any info how to remove this from my system. Thanks
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A single injection of gadolinium has completely ruined my life over the past 5 years.   The gado contrast dye never cleared as promised in 6-8 hrs. following procedure.   experienced face swelling and serious breathing issues in days following.  Told to take benadryl,,  didn't help.   I do not have impaired kidney function,  so no explanation why it never cleared.   Bounced around to a bunch of rhuemy docs wanting to prescribe drugs for all the post joint pain experienced following.   This one dose set off a sudden onset of autoimmune diseases I never had before,  including chronically low blood platelets, raynauds, RA, and a few others.  loss of hair, horrible fatigue, hip joint pain, muscle weakness in legs,  burning sensations in bottoms of heels and all the way my legs, spine and shoulder joints,  bleeding cracking open nasal sores that haven't healed in 5 years, constant sweats, chills, body rashes, itching, and pain every single day.  Not an all inclusive list.   A horrifying experience of heavy metal toxicity/poisoning.  Our medical system can put it in an IV in 5 minutes,  however, takes no responsibility to acknowledge or remove it if it doesn't perform as expected.   I have lost faith and trust in our health system to have integrity.   I will never have another MRI, ever!
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Also,  took 3 years to find the root cause of issues,  gadolinium poisoning. confirmed through urine testing following chelation.  Have been chelating for past 2 years,  numbers are coming down - a slow very painful process,  the suffering and loss of quality of life during this time is unbearable.  Health insurance has no codes for the treatments, so they wont pay for whats needed to help you through this.  Most docs are not trained or educated to find it, it does not show up in routine blood tests.  They just want to treat pain symptoms and cover it up with other drugs till you are so messed up there is no hope.   Also skin lesions and growths.   The presence of the heavy metals takes a toll on liver and digestive function.   Also results in systemic candida/yeast infection - body rashes...special diet with digestive enzymes needed to digest food.  absolutely no sugar, or fermented foods.
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Hi Andrea
I am experiencing what you had but I am only 7 months out. I am also a scientist and med school professor. People do not know that we use gadolinium in the lab to specifically block sodium channels, which could be an explanation for both the short and long-term symptoms....long explanation that I am sure would interest you.  I would like to collect data and publish it.  I have strong ties in the med community, numerous agenies and public health groups. All published material would be completely anonymous.

This is a large problem that is not being acknowledged, just like nephrogenic systemmic fibrosis was several years ago. I want to reach out to people llike us to raise awareness on this major health care issue. Are you intersted in talking?

Is anyone out there interested in talking? If so, respond to this post and we will figure something out. I have a strong presence in the health care community, but I cannot do it on my own. I would also like to start a health registry of all of us so other people can benefit from what we are having to endure.

hope you are interested
Hello I would like to learn more. I was given gadolinium 05/25/2016 and been keeping a diary of my symptoms. What have you found and what helps us remove it?
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Scary! Where are you located? Are you getting any help? Have the docs provided any other explanation? Sorry, I'm guessing that they don't even acknowledge a reaction or possible connection. I'm going in for a contrast MRI next week. I wish you healing...
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Hello Sydney,  thank you for the healing wishes.   Yes, getting help, it is a slow and painful expensive process.   Many docs are simply not educated to know about this.   or they will remark,  I've never heard about it.   There is no other explanation and the evidence to support it is concrete and undeniable.   I'd give serious reconsideration to having your MRI with contrast dye next week.  Of course you make your own decision.  My suffering is unbearable and my wish is that not one more person has to suffer what I am enduring.  Our medical system is about revenue and money and not about healing people.  Doctors treat symptoms and prescribe drugs.  drugs with many and serious side effects.  Doctors are our most educated scholars of society.  Our medical system does not allow or support real thought leadership in nutrition and healing.     its serious when our health system makes us sick with heavy metals and suffers no material consequence.  
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I had a breast MRI a couple of weeks ago and just found out the contrast used was optimark. Was told by many there's no risk if your kidneys are healthy. My doctor who had ordered the test ordered kidney function test prior, but the MRI facility did not even bother looking at them. I'm female 42. Now since the MRI my back has been hurting like crazy. My hips and ribs hurt. I was not told to drink a lot of water after the procedure and only drank water maybe 2 hours after. I am really concerned that the contrast did not flush out of my body in time. I am scared and worried.....wish i had read this post before my test. Would not have gotten it done
I agree with you. Same thing happened to me no one said drink lots of fluids before or after. I am experiencing a lot of different symptoms. I was healthy prior. Never even a headache. Just had stomachs pain. I have a diary of what's been going on with me. I'm in USA , CA.

What update on your health is helpful .. Any improvements?  

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Just recently found out that I have GAD toxicity. Long search (18 months) to determine cause of myriad of illnesses. Would be interested in helping researching this- anything that I can do to help. I am a healthcare professional, and hope to help others so that no one has to go through what I did. I'll watch the posts to see if you reply. Thanks so much!
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guys, i also am a victim of gadolinium. healthy kidneys and liver. please try sauna and edta or other means to flush it out.
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Last year I received an MRI with gadolinium.  I have a history of peritoneal cancer that was treated in August of 2009.  Initially I was receiving CT scans with barium sulfate.  I was told last year that the MRI was safer and more accurate in detecting my form of cancer (pseudomyxoma pertonei).Six months after my MRI, I had a urine test for heavy metals (ratio to creatinine), 6 months after the MRI. It showed a gadolinium level of 1.242 ug/g.  Normal should have been <= 0.019 according to this test by Genova Diagnostics.  I am supposed to have another MRI with contrast next week.  I am quite nervous about it.  I've been taking DMSA (Chemet) to detox heavy metals, but have not had another urine test to confirm whether or not the levels have come down.  While I don't want to take the contrast, I do want to monitor for the cancer.  I could have the CT scan, but that also has it's risks.  I don't know what to do.  Any suggestions?
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I had a breast mri with contrast iv gadopentatate a few weeks ago....nose began itching as soon as contrast was administered. Within 30 min after i left, i was in a fog, very lightheaded; and within 3 hours i had a rash on back of arms, back, chest, cheeks around nose only and center of forehead, Bp went to 200/107 (up and down for 6 days straight...highest was 211/114. I have taken meds for hypertension for 10 years. Went to local walk in clinic the evening of mri test and given steroid shot and a steroid pack. Completely exhausted all the time now, two episodes of chest pain, ache like flu, brain fog/dizziness constantly since mri, waves of back/flank pain during week two.  ive been back to docs and have been told repeatedly that the contrast was out within 24 hours...there is no way these symptoms are from the contrast. I'm at a loss for what to do now. One day, I hope the medical community will accept that this is a very serious, real illness we are experiencing! Thank you for this opportunity to share.
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I didn't mention the excessive sweating I have had for the past two weeks. Yesterday my left leg started tingling from my calf down through my feet. Today the tingling is from my hips to down. Just in my left leg? I would like to know if there is a doctor willing to help individuals exposed to gadolinium who are symptomatic of gadolinium causing internal side effects.  Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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I would like to talk. I had a MRI 1.5 weeks ago and immediately after had nausea and horrible diarrhea.  One week later ankles were painful, now it's in my arms arms with burning across my back.  I had my labs done prior and kidney and liver functions were perfect. I'm looking into chelation therapy with EDTA.  

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Was it an infra red sauna?  Did it help?
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I would like to participate. I too had perfect kidney function, one MRI with Ominiscan and I have a gado level off the charts when measured with a 24 hour element urine test.  Just let me know what I need to do if you're still doing this.  
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Did you do the study?  I would like to participate if you are still in the process. I had my MRI with Omniscan.  I am looking into chelation therapy. Please let me know.
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Hello- gaddoc,
I am extremely interested in getting in contact with you.  I am a patient that has been diagnosed with NSF due to MRI contrast.  I actually recieved many MRI's in the period of one month.  Long story short, it severely effected the soft tissue in  my body and left me in a wheelchair.  My doctors say they have never seen a case quite so bad(probably b/c I underwent so many MRI's in such a short period of time...  I believe i was given OMISCAN in 2001 as the contrast agent.  I am actually registered in the NSF database.  I would be willing to help you in anyway i can with your research, I am prayin that someone comes up with an answer to this terrible problem.  ( I also should note that I am currently tryin Gleevec to counteract this NSF, and have a second doctor that says some chelation agents used for aluminum poisoning have showed some promise for Gd toxicity.
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Here's my story:

I have healthy kidneys and only went in for an MRI to rule out a tumor on my pituitary because my testosterone was off.  I was injected with Gadolinium dye and immediately had a swollen face around my eyes as well as:  nausea, diarrhea, headaches, sweats, extremely exhausted, sensitivity to the touch, rash, shortness of breath, and heaviness in my chest.  I called the imaging center and was told to drink water to flush out the Gadolinium.  I was also told the only symptoms related to the Gadolinium was the nausea and headache.  I was lead to believe it had to be something else so I thought I had caught the flu.  This went on for 2 days until I finally blacked out because my system felt like it was shutting down.  My wife called the imaging centers direct line that had been given to us if my symptoms became worse.  The imaging center never called me back to help but instead called their "risk management" department.  My wife took me to the ER and I was told I had multiple blood clots in both lungs.  I was told a 30 minute delay to the hospital could have been life or death for me.  I was in the hospital for 8 days, 3 of which were in the ICU.  The FDA's website states that people do get blood clots from the Gadolinium but everyone has been claiming this is not true.  My symptoms began immediately after the Gadolinium injection and have continued on since then.  Today, about 5 months out, I continue to have random rashes popping up on my body that itch.  I have lost the hair on the lower part of my calves.  I have deep joint pain in my hips and rib cage.  I am on blood thinner that I never needed before.  An MRI now show there is something going on with my lymph nodes and further test need to be done.  I think I have covered the majority of the issues I have experienced.  I wish there was an easy to find website that people could tell their stories and find out how many more people there are like us.  My symptoms were back to back and immediate following the Gadolinium.   Since I almost died from blood clots, I began to wonder how many people may have actually died from blood clots and their stories never got out or they were dismissed as not being related to the Gadolinium.  
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I am very interested in sharing my experience  regarding gadolinium poisoning. Is anyone still discussing this post?
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Can anyone here tell me if there systems have backed off? I am 5 weeks out from injection and have really bad muscle weakness in legs, I am only 25 and was extremely fit, no medical problems,
I also have constant twitching in legs and arms
Does this go away?
Steve did your symptoms ever go away? If so, how? Can you share?
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Hi all,
I've had the same experience, lots of symptoms, my doctor doesn't understand my concern. Recently did a urine test and my gadolinium levels are off the chart, 20 ug/g. The reference range is 0.02. So, basically 1000x higher levels than normal. This test was a month after the injection, so clearly it's not out of my system within the promised 24 hours.
Would like to stay in touch and especially talk about treatment options, chelation therapy etc.
I'm also interested in helping to research this. how do we stay in touch ?
Tom are you starting to feel better now that it's a couple of years later?
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How are you doing? Where are your doctors located? Have your treatments worked? I can find no help with my symptoms and high gadolinium levels. Did you use chelation and with what?
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