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Guillian Barre and concussion

32yrs ago I came down with full blown GBS, medical tech. at that time did not know what to do......so I was on respreator for 2 months, and then it took me 1 year to learn to reuse all my muscles.  But, I never had the bottom of my feet stop hurting, burning feeling

Now 32yrs later, I was mugged, beaten and have suffered a serious concussion, my feet are hurting me more and the burning pain has gotten worst

i read now that those that get GB have blood transfer, etc...........since i still have GB in my blood, can GB come back since now i have concusssion

i have read there are new medications for pain with GB

i hope who ever reads this that you an help me and advise me

thank you, sarah
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   How are you?  Guillain-Barré syndrome is due to an immune response to  infectious agents or vaccines, but mistargeted to host nerve tissues instead. Concussion is not a triggering factor which could induce an attack.
Treatment of an acute patient is supportive care with monitoring of vital functions. Once the patient is stabilized, treatment of the underlying condition should be initiated as soon as possible. Either high-dose intravenous immunoglobulins or filtering of plasma can be done.
Therapy is no longer effective after 2 weeks after the first motor symptoms appear, so treatment should be instituted as soon as possible.
Pain relief can occur with ibuprofen, physiotherapy.
All the best.

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I know what GB is, but I never had it (I don't think!) and I still have seriously painful burning in my feet - and sometimes in other parts of my body.  When this burning started, I was weak in my legs, the in a couple of months it moved to include my hands/arms.  By 4 months, I could hardly walk up or down stairs due to weakness and the burning sensations were pure torture - up to my knees and elbows.  I also lost some bowel control for about a week.  I never had respiratory issues, though, and I believe this excludes me from a diagnosis of GB.  I could be wrong.  Anyway, the point its, you hurt.  You don't want to hurt anymore so now what?  I, for two years, have been tested for everything and no answers so here's what I take:

Pamelor (best one for pain in my opinion)
Cymbalta (don't know if it really helps, too scared to go off)
Famvir - antiviral - the only blip on my medical tests was a high titer for HSV-1, the   cold sore virus, but I never have had a cold sore?

So that is my lovely cocktail.  I hate meds, by the way, so I am not a pill popper, just a person trying to wrangle my pain without becoming completely depressed.  On the depression note...you can get pain from depression and another theory is that anxiety can cause a decrease of oxygenated blood flow to the extremities and thus causing nerve pain from nerve damage.  They need oxygen, period.  This is like when you sit on your leg/foot too long and feel that tingly sensation.  That is definitely JUST a theory, but given that I have had my share of anxiety and some depression, it may hold water.  SO, given that you were just mugged and hit in the head - you might have some anxiety and/or depression maybe?  I'm not a doctor, so don't take any of this as coming from a textbook, but I've just lived it for over two years.  

Definitely ask your doc about Pamelor and Neurnontin.  They may be helpful, I hope!!

Take care:)
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Thank you so very much for your post.  It was extremely helpful.  I have a nero. appointment this afternoon.  It has been 3 months since my concussion.  Yes I am stressed and trying my best not to get depressed.

I am definitely going to ask the doctor about the referred medications you mentioned.

For 32yr after GBS I have always had burning feet with stabbing pain, and I also feel my entire nervous system being very jumpy since my concussion

So I thank you again for your information, and pray that the doctor is able to help me.

take care. and again Thank you very much
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