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HA and Nausea w/ Math & Writing after concussion

I hit my head HARD in October of 2011, hard enough that I had about 30 seconds of amnesia, but not hard enough for a paramedic like me to go to the ER (can you say stupid?).  I had a HA immediately, but went on with my shopping, then went on to work the next day.  The HA continued to worsen to the point that I was unable to move from a certain supine position without pain.  My partner sent me home--the ride was the worst of my life.  I was terribly light sensitive and every bounce I thought would make my head explode.  
Now being the self diagnostician I am, I assumed I had aggrivated an old neck injury to C1-C2 and it would go away with rest and flexeril.  I went to the doc and told her that and she agreed (My husband had still failed to mention the amnesia at this time).  The headache did not relent.  It continued and manifested as a typical migraine with nausea, light sensitivity, motion sensitivity, and severe pain over either or both temples.  After weeks of trial and error we settled on Maxalt, Topomax (now at 75mg BID), and Verapamil.  I am now diagnosed with Post-concussion syndrom and currently in PT for Cervogenic Dizziness and while there has been no improvement in the HA, the dizziness is almost gone. :).
HERE IS THE WEIRD PART--During this journey I was sent for IQ testing by my disability insurance.  I was under the impression that all my faculties were intact still and that the reason I wasn't able to work was the fact that when I did any heavy lifting or bent down I got dizzy and had a 3 day migraine to follow.  Turns out after about 10-15 minutes of filling out forms other than name, address, email (things I don't have to think about) or doing higher level math problems I start to get nauseated and my head starts to hurt.  Conversely, spatial tasks--even on paper--do not bother me the same way.  I can Soduku my brains out with-out an issue.
Now this was just as the PT was starting so I was hoping it was related to the neck issues, but I was filling out forms in the Dr office the other day and had the same reaction.  Even as I type this I am having to stop and avert my gaze, take a few breaths and re-focus so I can continue.  
Could I have had a small bleed?  There was never a CT of my head done and to be honest I cannot afford to get any tests done now.  I am one of the too many un-insured, but understand that if "the government" pays for it that WE are the government.  And it's not emergent obviously, since it happened over a year ago, I would just like to know if that is possible or if there is something else that could be going on.  
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I also think you have post concussive syndrome.  You're like a textbook version of it, right from the very beginning, the amnesia, the headache of course, having an upset stomach, being dizzy, but what sealed it was the light sensitivity you have.  PCS comes from a bleed in the brain, or in fancier terms a subdural hematoma.

Now, on this wierd thing with filling out the forms and all, some studies have shown scores lower on neuro tests that measure attention, verbal learning, reasonining, problem solving, and processing information, but this doesn't mean brain damage, and it can involve lots of other symptoms that don't quite fit with the way you normally are.  I

remember when I had to fill out those stupid forms for disability, it took me FOREVER (I couldn't concentrate because of all the pain I had in my spine from a wreck, peiripheral neuropathy in my hands, legs and feet, I was a real wildcat).  They even had me look at these pictures, illustrations of diff people doing diff things and then just single people, and I'm supposed to REMEMBER all this crap!?!  Pretty soon I thought the same people were comingup several times, some I didn't recognize, and at one point, which is when a gov psychiatrist gave up with me, was when I said, "I don't know who that is, but he is VERY scary."  Hahahaha.  He really did scare me!  My car wreck was rather bad, I've suffered all kinds of stuff for many years.  SIGH.

It is important to note that your physical therapy helped you with the dizziness, which also improved your headache.  There are other therapies out there for some of your other symptoms.  And one good thing is, altho I'm not positive becuz it took a little while for them to diagnose you, is this whole crazy thing tends to get better.  But you may have chronic post concussion syndrome and it'll last a long, long time.  I really hope you get your disability because the LAST thing you should be doing is working!  Oh, and when you think about those Soduku puzzles,which Ialso still like to do, is they are FUN. But filling out a form is NOT fun, so to heck with that !!!   So, that should give you some encouragement as to where you REALLY are with this whole brain disaster area.

I think I'd visit an second expert in this field, there are lots of tests they run in trials and such, and also have them to please review your meds.  I don't know much about pharmaceuticals, so I cannot.  I did read, tho, at one point somehwere,  that beta blockers are actually good for headaches, and this is a good thing for several reasons.  Typical headache relievers when taken away will cause much worse rebound type headaches.  But beta blockers, I took Atenolol, because I had a temporary problem with my thyroid that made my heart beat too fast, so I'm familiar with it, but it shouldn't cause rebound headaches, but it has a kind of relaxing aspect to it.  But bring it up with some of those top guys in PCS.  And this is just a wild guess based on stuff I know, but you could probably use some of those glasses that cut out UVA and UVB, but lighten up when you go inside, then darken when you go out.  That should help with the photophobia.

I wish you well, I think you'll get better.  And me, as someone else who cannot think straight, I mostly don't care at all.  Once in a while it upsets me when I want so very much to do something where I have to think clearly and I cannot.  But that doesn't happen much becuz I do mostly easy stuff.  And a lot of this lack of brain power can be really funny, so as long as you and your husband are getting used to the situation, and as long as you get your disability (remember they always turn you down the first time, and I got mine second time,no court or anything like that), then I think you'll relax more and accept how things are.  And if you do go to some experts, after they've worked with you awhile, they may hazard a guess on what will get better and what will not.  I'm sorry your life has been interrupted like this, but it's been one of the more interesting posts I've read.  GG
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Hi there!

Well, without a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. Bleed with haematoma formation as well as post concussion syndrome could be possible causes of the symptoms (The latter being more likely with the description); while other causes such as raised ICT, primary cranial headaches, cranial neuralgias would also need to be ruled out. It would be best to have this evaluated by a neurologist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Hi, im 15(healthy, slim, sporty) with severe anxiety.
I can feel tiny itching sensations on my skin practicly everywhere(from toes to Head) on both sides...these itches can be felt all over my body(even on my skull etc.-everywhere). I have to scratch so it can go away. Is this parasthesia or Itching. IS THIS MS, I AM AFRAID OF MS-
My grandfather had MS-but that does not make me a risk factor(only if I had a parent, brother or sister or aunt/uncle and i do not) I am male, live in Slovenia(South-Eastern Europe) have brown eyes, pale skin
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Additional Details
I have severe anxiety....once i thought i have diabetes and got all the symptoms.
Thirst, dry mouth, frequent urination.....and my BS was checked and was normal...and no other dissease was found.

I got MS worries in January aswell because of a muscle cramp and got parasthesia or something then but went away in a day
1 hour ago

Before the symptoms(one week) i had a doctors exam where i had a blood test done-NORMAL :)
1 hour ago

Ive having these symptoms since wednsday after my foot got numb and after that i got an anxiety attack.....help
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P.S. I only have tingling when i am in a sitting position or when I am not thinking about it. The tingling(the pin or needle) does not move up or down.
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My foot got numb because of a sitting position that was not comfortable. I dont drink, smoke....Im healthy.
The tingling does not move around
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