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HELP! my mom has lost all memmory

My mother, 56, a teacher of nearly 30 years has in the past 3 years declined in memmory loss to the point of eating all meals with her parents, and confused nearly all the time about what's going on. she can rarely remember a single conversation from one minute to the next. her cognitive skill have declined so far she can no longer function as a woman and is back to being an adolescent child.

I am on here searching for anyone with knowledge about what may be causing this or what the next steps we can take are.  we are finding it impossible to see a doctor because of the medicaid that she is on.  any help is much appreciated, I am also interested in learning more about homeopathic remedies i.e. heavy metal cleanses, body cleanses, parasites...

Thank you,
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You will have to travel to another city, and possibly another state, to get a neurologist to evaluate her with the Medicaid.  There are online websites that will tell you docs (or neuros in your case) that will work with Medicaid in your area (I can't do it right now).  I don't want to speculate on what happened, other than could be a bleed in the brain did this or a growth, but there is sometimes a chance that, with treatment, her memory might come back to some extent.  

You asked about home remedies, and I can tell you that if you would go ahead and pay the cost of one office visit with a local neurologist, he may can prescribe a medication that may slow down the loss of mental acuity, I think Aricept (sp?) is one that is fairly harmless, until you can get hooked up with a Medicaid doc somewhere.  That same office visit neuro may also know what docs nearby might work with Medicaid.  But other than her regular doc making sure her blood pressure is straight and prescribing something for that, and him checking side effects of any of her current meds, I hesitate to suggest homeopathic remedies on account of the seriousness of your mother's symptoms and the unknown origin of them.  See, could be you'll give her some herb tea and it will make her think better but might increase her blood pressure, and if that is THE problem, well, that would get her in more trouble than she already is.
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