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HELP! pain & numbness after a sheath catheter for shoulder surgery. pls read!

I had surgery 9 days ago (right shoulder scope with labral repair and capsulhorraphy). Preoperatively I has a nerve sheath catheyer placed for pain management after surgery. When I came out of surgery the Cath was not working so they placed another one and tried removing the first but couldn't Bc it was notted inside and left them both in. I was told that a different anesthesiologist would take them both out when the pain mess wore off.
Unfortunately the second pain cath didn't work well either. So 2 days after surgery I ended up going back in and a different anesthesiologist attempted to remove both catheters. He was able to remove one but the other was still stuck and causing me a ton of pain when they tried pulling it out. They ended up having to call a surgeon in and he had to cut the catheter out of my neck.  I was told that the tingling and numb sensations would go away in 12-14 hrs and when it didn't I was told it could take several weeks

My thumb and index fingers r still numb and my forearm (most intense by the anticubital area) arevery sensitive to touch and painfil. I am worried this may be permanent....anyone else experience this? Outcomes?
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Its unfortunate that complications happened with the catheters. The numbness and the pain should resolve as the post op inflammation and edema subside. keep your arm elevated on pillow when possible and take anti inflammatory medications to help with pain. For this you can take OTC Ibuprofen pain medication. Ensure to take this medication after food to avoid gastritis. Apply cold compress to the wound for relief. And Good Luck!!

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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I have been diagnosed with RSD and have had 2 stellate ganglion blocks so far and the 3rd is scheduled on thursday.  not doing so hot :(
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