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Hair roots hurt a lot

The roots of my hair hurt. This condition has been there since at least 8-10 years.
They hurt whether I have kept my hair long or short.
My husband has to pull my hair constantly for me to get any pain relief.
The pain spots are especially near the crown.
Roots/scalp hurt even more if I've combed/brushed/back-combed(running the comb/brush from nape of neck back to the forehead) my hair that day.
It hurts to even change the parting of my hair, brush my fingers through hair.
Keep my hair in a loose ponytail, which puts no pressure at all on the scalp or the roots.
Have never dyed or used any other chemical treatments on my hair.
Shampoo very infrequently, have mild dandruff and itching.
Not on any meds except multivits.

Researching on the net, found two possible situations:'cranial arteritis' and 'allodynia'.
What is it?
And, should I consult a trichologist, a dermatologist, or a neurologist?

Thanks a lot.
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Cranial  arteritis is inflammation and damage to blood vessels that supply the head area, particularly the large or medium arteries that branch from the neck. Cranial arteritis occur when one or more arteries become inflammed and die. It most commonly occurs in the head, especially in the temporal arteries that branch off from a blood vessel in the neck called the carotid artery. However, the condition can be a body-wide (systemic) disorder, affecting many medium-to-large sized arteries anywhere in the body. There are many  other serious symptoms of the inflammation .  Allodynia is pain, generally on the skin, caused by something that wouldn't normally cause pain. Many people with fibromyalgia report having this symptom. Examples of allodynia are pain caused by mild pressure from clothing, a light touch, gentle massage, or sheets rubbing against the skin. Improper  lymphatic drainage in the scalp area thereby not  removing waste products from scalp tissue may also be the cause . These waste products might cause some inflammation in the scalp tissue and around the follicles. The inflammation in turn could trigger the pain. Please consult a neurologist to find out if the nerve endings in the scalp area are irritated . You can consult a dermatologist also . Hope this helps you .Take care and regards !

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Hi Dr., thank you so much for the explanation. I'll consult a neurologist.

I'm in my mid-30's, so hopefully it's not fibromyalgia yet. And, I don't have any other body pain issues.

After your explanation of cranial arteritis, I read it up on the Net. Contrary to a picture on the Mayo website, arteries in my temple do not throb or become inflamed. No problems with blood vessels anywhere else either. So probably not cranial arteritis.

Can the 'improper lymphatic drainage in the scalp area' you've mentioned be caused by infrequent shampooing and the resultant accumulation of dirt and dandruff?  Get a cold and temperature from every shampoo as my hair is thick and takes a long time to dry. So I shy away from regular shampooing.

Another problem is that I keep tearing out my hair. Originally, my hair was smooth and straight. It's still straight but over the years, many strands have become more and more rough. Many of them have become of uneven texture or rough either at the beginning near the roots, or in the middle. These strands itch and I get relief by pulling them out. The roots of the strands I pull out usually look bulbous and have a sticky, whitish substance on them.

Does this mean anything in regard to the 'improper lymphatic drainage in the scalp area'?

Thanks again.
mine hit when I got a bacterial / fungus in the folicles.  Oddly swimming in a pool took care of most of it due to the chemicals :)    but I've read Miconazol is one of the topical treatments.  Yes it can be hiding long term so not surprised it came on in childhood - when most of us are exposed to scalp items.  So check in with dermatology would be my call.  Yikes this is late - but you came up on a search for this type issue lol ~Kate
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I am currently being followeed by a neurologist due to chronic migraines that ive had for the past 10 years or so. He does not seem to know what is causing them and so he is always switching me from pills to pills but none of them seem to work. I dont know what to do anymore. 4 years ago, I had viral meningitis insephilitis*, and Ive had these root pains from my hair. I havent noticed if I had it before the meningitis or not, but I do know if it has been bothering me more and more lately. I haven mentioned it to him, but would tis be worth mentioning. I cancelled my appointment in 2 weeks due to school and finals, but I do have an appointment mid january. Do you think this symptom could help find the cause of my migraine and help find, not a cure, but hopefully something close enough to it.

Thank you for your time,
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Hi I suffer from hair pain and personally felt that I only get it when don't shampoo often but was not sure if that was the reason.I always get this pain when I can't shampoo (since I have long hair and I'm busy mom with twins) after shampoo its gone 100 percent.this has happened to me many times in last 2 years.In your comments about the problem back in 2009 where you mentioned about improper drainage of waste products from scalp causing inflammations hence causing pain in hair roots is perfect answer to my problem.
Thanks for ur help!
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You have described my issue 100%. Actually, I think I have gotten worse. Even if I shampoo, for the last 15 days (approx) my hair stays oily and sticky only on the crown area. Has this happened to you? Have you found any remedy for this problem?
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Hello Sir,

My father (age 55) is suffering from something simillar to what you said about body wide disorder, in which case patient feels pain in skin from clothing. We have consulted a dermotologist. They did some tests  and so far not able to pin point the problem. Should we also consult some nerologist as well? Please advice.

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I don't know if this helps - but I had this and went through all sorts of tests - no one could figure the issue.  I changed shampoo and guess what the pain stopped.  Any loreal shampoos give me the pain and when it persists it starts to feel like my scalp is burning.  Switch to a sulphate-free shampoo and hopefully that will help - I never have that pain any more!
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I have CRPS in my left hand.  I also have a ruptured bicep, a torn shoulder tendon and a torn rotate cuff. I have developed severe pain in my shoulder that has traveled up my neck.  Now it seems to have moved into my scalp to where my hair hurts!  I have trouble brushing it the pain is so bad.  It s only on the left side of my head.  Wats going on?
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Thank you, I do have Fibro and I believe that's why even my scalp is so sore to the touch!   That ailment causes soooomany problems!
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hi have had this for years and keep hair very short and yes afer shower is not problem when longer
now am trying to see why because it comes and goes
wonder if breathing deep helps also drinking more water
have noticed when i eat salty food it may come back but am not sure if this is coincidence as yet
am watching closely before i cut hair again
its mad bush anyway so not worried either way but interesting

marigold petals added to herb tea are supposed to clear the lymph system
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Hi there!

I am a 23 yrs old guy finishing my studies and sometimes I have pain on the root of my hair, if I press my hair its root hurts, I feel like if I pull them they will get off so easy. This does not happen very often and it did not happen before, it happens to me when I have to study hard for example when I have my exams, or when I have any problem. So I think it may be caused from stress and depression. What do you think?
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My mother has some kind pain in her root hairs, she uses shampoo regularly , no problem in scalp , hair is clean .. It happened last year but the pain stopped , now suddenly it has started reoccurring ... Pls help ... Thanks
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My mother has some kind pain in her root hairs, she uses shampoo regularly , no problem in scalp , hair is clean .. It happened last year but the pain stopped , now suddenly it has started reoccurring ... Pls help ... Thanks
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I have been trying to rid myself of a severe scalp problem for several years,
which sounds similar to yours.  I have always had very thick hair and it is
even thicker as I work to rid my scalp of this problem.  I have searched and
tried a lot of products.  As of now, I'm shampooing with Dawn Platinum Liquid, which is red; and, also using one quarter cup of apple cider vinegar mixed with one quarter cup of water, which I apply to my scalp after rinsing.
I am making progress, but it has taken a lot of effort.

I think maybe it is caused by an overly protective immune system.  I have
given up on asking doctors for any help.  They know less than I do and do
not want to learn anything new.
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hello my hair scalp really hurts all the time there is some time it doesnt hurt but most of the time and when the pain start also my teeths hurts bad as well my hairl is slowly fallin out  whne i brush it hurts please help me !...........
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When I use Ayurvedic shampoo, the pain is reduced or totally not there. But when I use any chemical ones, I too get the pain. Try to change the shampoo.
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When I use Ayurvedic shampoo, the pain is reduced or totally not there. But when I use any chemical ones, I too get the pain. Try to change the shampoo.
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What did you do for the pain because I've always had long hair maybe like 6or 7 muonths ago I cut my hair but now when I run my fingers through my hair it hurts and I'm trying to find a solution please and thank you
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I suffer the same hair/scalp/root pain. My doctor told me it is caused by hyper sensitive nerve endings, was told to take painkillers and anti-inflammatory, every time I get an episode which will keep recurring, hope this helps
And it did work for me
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