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Half of her body is cold to the touch, numb, and has a tingling sensation.

Early on the morning of August 17, 2008 my younger sister.
Rolled her ankle outwards and "popped" it while in a running accident.
Doctor at UCLA ER pricked her foot with a needle multiple times, she didn't feel anything.
The ER doctors believe that she partially dislocated and immediately relocated her foot.
She was scheduled for surgery on August 20, 2008 (Today) if the lack of sensation persisted.

Four hours later while eating lunch she began to realize that she could not feel anything from her left ankle up to just under her patella.
(Doctors didn't have a cause for this one) Her legs also have two different temperatures. Her left leg is significantly colder to the touch. Shortly after her left shoulder also went numb.

She want back to the ER. By this time she had lost sensation in her left arm and leg along and the left side of her body is a different temperature from her right, significantly colder.
She was able to feel pain when one of the doctors decided to rotate her left foot.
ER doctors ordered blood work and a CT scan

Blood work and CT came back clean.
(They also performed what sounded like radionuclide imaging)
Doctors ordered more blood work.
She then saw a Neurologist, (Ironic, My sister is a neuro-science major at UCLA) but it was inconclusive.

Doctors (4 of them that were examining her) did not a give a conclusive diagnosis regarding the differences in temperature for her body.
They assume that the numbness is paresthesia (transient).

Still unable to feel the left side of her body with it continuing to creep towards the inside of her shoulder blade.
Experiencing random tingling sensations all over her body.
Also experiencing muscle spasms that make her arms look like fish flopping out of water.
Skin temperature difference is localized in her left calf and left arm.

I spoke to her an hour ago and has also experienced sensitivity to light ever since the doctor shined a flashlight in her eyes. She is also feeling pressure under her left eye. She is no longer able to look at TV or computer screens and is experiencing double vision.

Other symptoms include back pain on the left side below the ribcage and nausea.
Prior to the accident she had not slept for a number of days.

Our family only has a single case of ALS (Grandfather-Father's side)
No history of neurological disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, or autoimmune disorder.

Any insight is appreciated.


A Concerned Ex-Medical Student Brother.
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