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Hand, feet and teeth sensitivity

The bottoms of my hands and feet are sensitive to touching anything dry and/or warm. They constantly feel like I need to apply moisturizer. The sensitivity is related to my teeth as well. My teeth are suddenly extremely sensitive to cold/hot/sugar and when I touch something dry/warm, I can feel my teeth hurt/sensitivity too. I had a baby 6 weeks ago so not sure if there is any relationship there, however, I had this happen to me one other time several years ago when I did a teeth whitening session with my dentist. Afterwards my teeth were sensitive but also the bottoms of my hands and feet like I've described above. I couldn't touch things like paper towel and wearing socks is uncomfortable. I relate the uncomfortableness to the feeling you get when you hear nails on a chalkboard. It's a horrible sensation. Any idea what is causing this?
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I deal with this too and it's pretty debilitating. For me it's my nails not really just my hands and feet. I actually had to wear gloves today because it was too painful with the dry air and it wasn't even cold. My teeth scream if I bite into something dry like bread as if it was a dry sponge. I also can't eat ice cream much anymore or anything too sweet. Or drink cold water. Anything dry or too hot or too cold is just painful. I moisturize all the time and use special toothpaste but nothing helps other than wearing moisturizing gloves and socks. But I feel ridiculous wearing gloves in the spring. I searched and searched Google but nothing has come up. When I try to explain it to people I tell them it's like nails on a chalkboard or like frostbite. It's so painful. I can't even use hand dryers in public bathrooms without cringing.
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Hi there
I have to admit that I am a smoker and was using Ranch filters which must have a lot of bleach used in the process.
I have changed brands and the problem went away.
A girlfriend of mine had the same problem, but she worked out that it was caused by tea bags.
She has changed to leaf tea and the problem went away.
Good on you for making the connection to bleach!!
It is the answer to the problem I think.
Tampons could also be an issue.
Just a thought....
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I have experienced the exact same thing as this my whole life. The hands feel and teeth sensitivity all simultaneously affects one another for me .  I too would describe it as nails on chalk board. I would describe my sensitivity as pretty extreme as well. All different types of textures bother me. Foam boxes paper. Anything that creates a drying sensation on my fingers And my feet actually.  It makes me weak feeling. Like a person sensitive to the sight of blood. I get that feeling. I know that if there were some type of cure or even just a treatment that it would improve my life significantly because I suffer with this daily. It affects my everyday living. I will opt out of different activuties because of these symptoms. I would go as far as saying it's miserable honestly. It creates a lot of anxiety and stress for me.
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Hi, I'm sorry that you are suffering with this. Since my post I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have a few other symptoms too however it is not common for people with fibro to experience this hand, foot and teeth thing. I've since found about ten people that have this from posting online and in Facebook groups related to fibro. It has improved over the last couple of years - thankfully. I will go several days where the 'volume' level of the sensation is low and I hardly notice it but the volume level increases with stress and my other symptoms. It's the strangest thing that sounds ridiculous. I've made a lot of changes in my life (diet, meditation, yoga, exercise etc) that has definitely improved my overall condition so I'm sure it has helped with this too.
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Omg I am relieved to find someone else with this issue. After my husband giggled at me about this weird issue I told him other people have got to have this issue. We searched and came upon this. So glad Im not the only one. Mine is a tad different though, in the way that my feet are not affected and I can usually touch dry things as well. My issue usually comes after washing my hands or doing the dishes or taking a showe, my hands feel extremely dry afterwards and I cant touch anything until I put lotion on because if I do it hurts my two front teeth. Sometimes this even happens when my hands dont get wet, they just randomly have a different feeling and touching anything hurts my teeth until I put lotion on. Ive used the same example to try and explain this to my husband, its like nails on a chalkboard. Nails on a chalkboard has always hurt my teeth as well.
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I have the exact same thing
Did you find a cause
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Hi, I'm sorry I didn't see your reply until today. I googled the issue again and my post came up and saw these replies. Since then, I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have a number of different symptoms but this hand, teeth and feet thing, is not as common with people with fibro. I haven't come across too many people that have this period. Unfortunately, no I haven't found the exact cause and therefore no cure. I have found that when my other symptoms are less, this also is not as bad. It is nice to find others although I don't wish others to have this.
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