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Hands go numb while lying down

Both of my hands go numb while lying down on phone. The real persistent problem especially in my right hand is when I’m sleeping it falls asleep. I have a pins and needles feeling in my hand, the pain wakes me up out of my sleep. I have found relief when I hang my right arm off the bed, as if the blood is draining back into my hand. It’s getting worse and worse. I’m 50 years old and overweight. I eat poorly because I’ve been stressed going through a divorce. I just want my hands to feel normal again. Thank you
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Have you been tested for your blood sugar?  You say while on phone.  I assume you mean while you're talking on the phone?  A lot of people are getting all manner of nerve and joint pain and muscle pain from poor posture from using computers and especially cell phones.  For example, hanging the head down puts a lot of extra stress on the neck.  Often the back isn't straight, putting stress on the entire spine, including the neck.  This can lead to pinching of nerves.  It could be poor circulation, but if it was, I'd think you'd have other parts of your body bothering you as well.  Eating poorly and being overweight catches up to you as you age.  That's why I suggest getting a physical and seeing if your blood sugar is normal.  You might be developing Type 2 diabetes or have a blood sugar problem that is short of that, which can lead to circulatory and nerve problems.  But most likely, it's your phone using posture since it happens when you're on the phone.  It could also be carpal tunnel.  See your doc and get a thorough physical.  If that's okay, see an orthopedic surgeon and see if you might have carpal tunnel, or your regular doc might be able to tell you as well.  If so, occupational therapy for your hands will probably fix it and teach you proper phone posture.  Peace.
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Thank you! I will take your advice.
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