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Head Presure and feels like air bubbles in my head

I'm 20 years old I have been to a Neurologist and have had many CAT scans done and they have all came back normal. I have also been diagnosed with Narcolepsy, and have a low iron deficiency as well. Everywhere I go I seem to be getting no where with anyone as far as whats going on with my head. It feels like air-pockets or bubbles roaming in my head. It started about 7 months ago and persisted for about 3 months and then it went away and now recently i started to feel the air-pockets or bubbles in my head again. I am currently taking a temporary blood-pressure medication right now and all I want to know is can you give me advise as to what i need to do or can you recommend me the best Doctor you know and it doesnt matter where he/she is i will go there.
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hi Im also 20 and i have some of your symptoms. I can feel air blowing in my head and i can feel the arteries above my eye  doesnt hurt but its just annoying. I had an mri done with contrast and didnt show anything. I went to 2 neurologists and they both said it was headaches. is this what ur feeling?
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I am 45 and have the same thing. It also feels like the veins in my chest and back are bulging and it is very painful. I also have pain in left abdominal and get weak. I recently saw a GI specialists after seeing every other doctor and several scans. The GI is having me tested for Celiacs disease. This is the inability to digest Gluten. Many of the symtons with this are neurological and biological and can affect every system in body. Your ammune system is unleashed and attacks you. It can even cause dental and orthopedic problems look into this. You also might want to look into a blood flow teset such as angiography.
Great answer! I have been having Celiacs symptoms for a while now, and now I have been feeling this bubble like symptom. Thanks so much for the insight, I will look into getting iron as well.
Great answer! I have been having Celiacs symptoms for a while now, and now I have been feeling this bubble like symptom. Thanks so much for the insight, I will look into getting iron as well.
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I also need to tell you the low iron is a big indicator with Celiac disease and this disease causes damage to your small intestinne but once diet maintained it repairs itself. Also the head thing to me feels like brain gets hard and nose and laying on pillow feels like head on cement. Do you feel this?
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hi i am also 20 years old and feel all of the same symptoms at night. The bubbles come and go but resetley they have gotten worse. I experince sharp pains in my legs and my forarms. along with the left side of my chest. i used to be a healthy competive swimmer of 14 years and never felt anything until i stopped taking zoloft, and i know something is wrong. i know cant sleep at night in fear that i know something is going on with my body and scared i wont wake up. can some one give me answers
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I had several of these symptoms as well.....DON'T WORRY.  I even had chest pain one morning, was admitted to the hospital, and subsequently had every test performed in the book.  NOTHING.  It gets better.  The answer: simply don't pay any mind to it.  FInd a new, comforting fall back though (if that makes sense): when you are done concentrating on the task at hand, don't fall back to thinking about your head....it will be all good.
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I am 24 years old and I suffer from the same bubbling sensation in my head (particularly the left side). I also feel mentally tired and drowsy when it happens.  However it doesn`t manifest constantly but it is triggered by particular situations such as stress or after I ve been playing videogames for over half an hour (I dont play videogames very often for the record, not since I have been feeling the bubbling sensation). Can anybody provide a medical explanation for these annoying symptoms?
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I just felt the bubbling in my head and its really scary , I looked it up and found this site... I get this a lot !
Usually right after STRESS or while I'm on the computer ! It feels like a vein in My head is bubbling and bulges out
I went to the doctor a few yrs ago
And He said take Advil.
It doesn't make it less scary ... But I'm not sure if its from being tired , from anxiety or if the anxiety is caused cause a person doesn't know what's happening ...
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Hi am 21 and i've been feeling the same thing for about 2 months now . . this tigling sensation on my head sometimes my head would get itchy where ever i felt the bubbly sensation . . i shaved my head and the itchness went away but the tigly bubbly sensation is still there . . !! i will get tired drowsy when this happens too. . !! plz help . .

and let me know if u get a diognosis . . the norologist i went to didnt know what to make of it . . plz reply !!
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Everyone, I strongly suggest you get tested with lyme...hopefully just to rule it out.
I became suddendly celiac and digestive system problems out of the blue along with blubbling sensation in my body that comes and goes...my test would always come back normal and I finally found a doctor who decided to test me for lyme.

Its become more and more common and it mimics some many illness.
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I have experienced the bubbling sensation for the last two years as a result of stress.  Getting stressed about it just encourages it.  I have just worked out a mental method for how to deal with it:

1)  DO NOT RESIST OR TENSE UP.  Relax around the bubbles.  Allow them to do what they want.  Regard them without passing any judgement, it is no concern of yours.

2)  Observe the bubbling in your head as if from outside.  Imagine that it is an external phenomenon OCCURRING TO SOMEONE ELSE.  Focus on the white conscious space surrounding the bubbling black rather than on the bubbling black itself.

I have found the bubbling to dissipate once I do this.  Getting stressed about it just encourages it to repeat and become an ingrained behavioural pattern.  Engaging in stressful behavioural patterns is harmful, teach yourself not to.  In my experience, the bubbles are not harmful in and of themselves, just don't pay any attention.  
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I have had the bubbling/fizzing thing in my neck (for me - it seems like it is right in the center of my neck, like right where my spinal column would come from) for the past 25 years.  Sometimes, if my ears seem clogged, I can hear something that sounds like a grating / gritty sound as I turn my neck.  I pay no mind to it anymore.  If it was something major, it probably would have led to major things by now.  My suspicion is that there is some kind of eustachian tube dysfunction going on here.  I think the fizzing sound is coming somewhere from the tubes or sinus regions, possibly the ethmoid sinus which are smaller and buried in the interior of the skull.
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Hi I'm 20 (female) and have had a very different headache to what I usually experience. It's like a pressure against my skull as though my brain wants to escape. Then a few minutes ago I experienced the bubbles popping inside my face/head and immediately looked online. I will let you know if it goes away, i do hope it is only related to stress and computer usage!
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