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Head & Neck Pain

      Re: Head & Neck Pain

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Posted by CCF Neuro MD on September 13, 1997 at 16:43:12:

In Reply to: Head & Neck Pain posted by Lynn on September 09, 1997 at 01:10:53:

: I had head pain in the back of my head , it started around
  october of last year. I did see a doctor he told me it was
  tension head aches gave me caffine pills, Any how one day in Janruary
  I had a very sharp pain travel up my side (r) side of my neck
  It was so bad I though I had a anuerysm break. That was not the case
  as I am still alive. I have had trouble with cracking sensations in
  my neck and pain every since. The pain is not non-stop it comes and goes
  this week it is unbearible. My doctor is away and I am wondering if this is
  a emergency or not. I have notice I get dizzy when I move my head
  during the pain attacks.
Hello, Lynn,
  Head/neck pain can be triggered by a lot of things.  Some of them can be quite serious.  The common causes are long standing headaches (such as migraine, tension or cluster headache), trauma causing damage to the soft tissue or bony structures, vascular problems and tumor compressing the nerves or vessels.  The way to tell them apart is to look for accompanying symptoms of each.  The cracking sensations and the intermittent nature of your head/neck pain make one suspecious of cervical spine problem with a pinched nerve.  However, the most urgent thing to do is to rule out other critical conditions such as vascular problems and tumor.  A neurological evaluation is inevitable.  At this time, if you have not sought any medical attention about your condition, you need to do so as soon as possible.  After your general medical evaluation, if you are interested in coming to our department for a full neurological evaluation, we will be happy to offer you such service.  Please call tool free (800) 223-2273 ext. 45559 for your appointment.
  This information is provided for general medical educational purposes only.  Please consult your primary physician for the treatment and diagnostic options of your specific medical condition

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