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Head/scalp tingling

Hey guys for the past 7 months I've been having this strange sensation in my head/scalp. Sometimes it feels like it's tingling, then will feel like light pins and needles sensation, sometimes a warm feeling, sometimes it feels like goosebumps.sometimes will feel like weird pressure or something is pressing down on my scalp. I wake up with it most days. Some days i wake up and feel amazing but then it comes on later on in the day.It's really hard to explain, it's not painful just very scary. I've been to the doctors 5 times and had a blood test which came back fine. The doctor tells me it's nothing to be concerned about and is refusing to send me for other tests like mri. Doctor prescribed me anti anxiety/depression pills (sertraline 50mg) and I've been taking them for 3 months now but they don't do anything. This is a very annoying sensation to live with.and it makes me take so much time off work and find it very hard to do other activities, i honestly don't feel anxious or depressed. So my question is, is it anxiety? Any information would be much appreciated
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If you don't feel anxious or depressed, and your doc put you on an antidepressant, find a different doc.  Seriously, those disorders are marked by the way you think, with physiological symptoms flowing from that.  To just put on a drug that will be difficult to stop taking and has lots of potential side effects when you don't feel the elements of the disorders is pretty bad medicine.  I wouldn't trust him to know how to take you off of it properly if you decide to stop, and frankly, if it isn't helping any, the sooner you stop the better as the longer you're on it the more difficult it gets to stop.  You have to taper off of it as slowly as needed.  Now, as to what is going on, can't know that.  It could be coming from the neck.  It could be your posture when you use your cell phone or computer.  It could be how you're sleeping on it.  It could be a vascular thing akin to a migraine without the headache.  I'd look for a better doc.  Peace.
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I have seen 3 different doctors and they all said the same thing. I didn't feel anxious until a few months i these symptoms not going away
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