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Headache when standing up.

For the past couple of days now, I have been getting a somewhat dull headache on the right side of my head slightly above my eye. This occurs when I'm standing up and active, but when I sit down, it ceases to bother me. I don't think this is anything serious, and it could very well just be sinuses since my head has been somewhat stuffy for the past couple of days, but I do want to know if there is anything I can take to make this a little better, because Ibuprofen doesn't seem to be working. I have been to the doctor, and he thinks its probably just sinuses, but I do want to get a second opinion on this. So, any info on what this might be?
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The possibility of sinusitis is very much there because the pressure headaches due to sinusitis generally worsen on bending forwards and head movement.
I would suggest you to take steam inhalation at least 3-4 times a day and once before bedtime. It will help in relieving congestion.
OTC decongestants will also help. Keep us posted on how you are doing.

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Thank you, Doctor. I will definitely try these treatments. Hopefully this stuff will clear up in the next week. Its not unbearable, just annoying, haha!
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Thought I would give a brief update of what's been going on since my first post here. I started taking decongestants and they do not seem to help matters. I went to the eye doctor yesterday because the pain seemed to be on the right side of my head and around my eye. I was diagnosed with astigmatism and prescribed glasses; however, the glasses won't be in till next week. Anyhow, I continue to have the headaches, but they seem to stay with me even when I'm sitting down. They will not go away, even when I use decongestants. They are not heavy or unbearable headaches; just dull and obnoxious. I went to the doctor last week and he performed a neurological test on me. He claimed everything was fine. So my question is, could these constant headaches be a mixture of my case of astigmatism and sinuses? I'm just a little concerned, seeing that I do not have a history of long headaches. As far as my physical health goes, I'm fine. I am functioning normally. I am not getting randomly nauseous or walking unbalanced. I feel fine; it's just this pesky headache. So should I be concerned about this, or is this a blatant overreaction?
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Hi Gamezill, I get the same thing. I have astigmatism also and get these headaches on and off just like you described. I think that it has to do with your sight. I think I get the headaches from my vision (unable to focus) and it causes a mild motion sickness. It never gets worse, and it can stop just as quickly as they start sometimes, depending on the brighness of a room or if I am viewing something really busy (freeway driving, etc). The busier the view, the more of a headache for me. Looking to the sides and moving my head quickly causes this. I try to keep my head looking forward and not to strain. My eye doctor gave me a vision correction, but said it May or MayNot help. Its the astigmatism. Just an opinion. -J
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Hey, JohnnyV. Its good to hear from someone else getting these odd headaches. I've had this for about a week. I had been trying to decide whether I should go to the eye doctor or not months before I started getting these. I was kind of relieved to hear that I had astigmatism. Sure, its not wonderful, but it does give an explanation for these weird headaches, haha!
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