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Headaches & Pressure In Head

First, I would like to state that up until 3 weeks ago, I didn't experience any of the symptoms I have now. Prior to heaving these intermitten spells with mild headaches and a dull pressure sensations throughout my head, I had just finished a 30 day body detoxification. The product that I took was called Cleanse Smart by Renew Life. Its an all herbal cleanse with no side effects associated with it according to the manufacturer. During the 30 day period I never felt completely rejuvenized or full of energy which the cleansers claim to do. In fact, I felt kind of fatigued and slightly out of it the entire time. I figured this was a result of the toxins in my body being released and I would eventually feel much better.

After finishing the 30 day cycle, they company recommends taking their product called Paragone which focusses on parasite removal. I figured since I was 27 years old, eat sushi, steaks cooked medium, it wouldn't hurt to try it out. After 2 days on this new product, I started feeling really strange at work. I have suffered with GERD/GASTRITIS (my own diagnosis since previous doctors had no clue) for the past 6 years, but this product made my stomach hurt. I started feeling light-headed and my heart raced. I had an instant anxiety attack and had to leave work. I went to my mothers house and laid down for a few hours with thoughts of going to the emergency room but luckily the feeling eventually subsided. After this strange occurence, I went online and did some research on a few herbs mixed into this cleanse and some of them had bad side effects in very rare cases. Maybe I was another rare case?

So, here I am a few weeks later with mild headaches and a dull pressure like feeling in my head. These headaches fit the description of a typical "tension headache". I have neck tightness, dull pain at the base of my skull/neck area, sides of my head, and sometimes above my eyes. I went to an eye doctor since I work in front of a computer for atleast 8hrs/day and have done so for the past 6-7 years. My vision was still perfect but the doctor said CVS (computer vision syndrome) is typical and prescribed me some glasses for computer use only. While the glasses have helped some, they definitely didnt fix the whole problem. I went back to the doctor and they are redoing the lenses now in hopes to rid the headaches completely.

Even when Im not working and havent been in front of a computer in hours, I still have some of the symptoms. The dull pressurized feeling is more frequent than the "aches" that intermittenly come in waves. At times I even feel slightly dizzy. Not to the point that I'm going to fall, or the room is spinning, but slightly off bal and slightly hard to focus. There are other feelings that are present but I'm not sure if I can explain them correctly. My head feels cloudy, almost like Im slightly intoxicated while being completely sober.

I have no clue whats causing these odd symptoms. Maybe its a coincedence that they followed after my first full body detox or maybe not. I'm not sure if they are somehow related or if the computer is causing a strain on my eyes and is associated with everything else.

Sorry it's so long, but I felt it would be better to explain the events leading up to these strange sensations Im experiencing.
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Do you push yourself to the limit? (physically). Some people just can't stand being so relaxed and revitalised all the time, it makes them feel uncomfortable. Whenever your free from work, maybe start setting yourself a running objective and work up to it (let's say 24 km,depends were you live) trust me, i THINK you need to have a sharp concentrated mind not a dull lifeless calm, relaxed mind and this will help you achieve that. Try it, and if ANYTHING gets worse or trouble starts, keep on going (unless it's unbearable ofcourse). I'm sorry but I really don't think any fatal incident could occur through a 30 day herbal course. So go on, try it.
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After reading up on some of the herbs listed in the cleanse, I'm much more cautious now as to what I put in my body. I had no clue that some of these herbs could cause such effects.

-tightness in chest
-difficulty breathing

Perhaps the extreme cases were do to higher doses but I certainly had a bad reaction to something to feel the way I did.

As far as being active. I was working out 4 days/week, lifting weights, cardio, etc...I wouldnt say this anything extreme, but Ive never had a problem sitting around relaxing either. Since Ive started having the headaches and odd sensations, I dont feel like going to the gym. The last thing I want to do is lift weights or run on the treadmill while my head feels pressure or hurts. This has really made me feel like being a hermit and staying home when I feel this way.
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It wouldn't happen to be a migraine would it?
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No, it's not a migraine. The pain itself isnt that bad. Its more annoying and random than anything. I have more of a pressure like sensation throughout my head more so than an actual ache or pain. Ive also experienced brain fog/head fog or whatever youd like to call it as well. The slight dizziness is also present at certain times but its not to the point that I feel faint or a loss of balance. Its really hard to explain.
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Have you ever fainted or had a near death experience before?
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It could be anxiety? I suffer from anxiety and that's what it is like. I get daily pressure in my head. I think it's from shallow breathing. Today i have a slight headache feels like it tension in my neck. Are you feeling stressed out? has anything happened to cause you to be more stressed than usual? How long has in been now since you stopped the product? I do know we can get some weird side affects from stuff we put in our bodies.
If it doesn't go away you may want to go to the doctors.
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No, I've never experienced anything like that before.

Honestly, I don't consider myself a stressed person. Sure there are times when things occur that get us worked up a bit, but for the most part I'm not stressed. What's odd is I can wake up feeling this way. While I'm asleep, I don't notice a thing but as soon as I get up and start moving around I begin to notice these symptoms.

It's been roughly a month since I stopped taking the product. Not sure if its a coincedence or not, but I didnt start feeling like this until the cleanse was over.

Since this started I have been online reading about all kinds of illnesses with similar symptoms. While the internet is a very good resource, reading all these random stories from people suffereing with similar symptoms, it can cause your mind to worry even more and almost worsen the effects.

One thing I read that caught my attention was heavy metal toxicity. If somehow this cleanse stirred up some toxins within me and maybe now I'm experiencing side effects from that? I honestly dont know whats going on. I will be making an appointment with a doctor soon to have some tests done to see if we can get to the bottom of this.
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Hi, I am reading your symptoms and relate to them so much as I am having these at the moment. I was diagonosed with a bleed in the brain and most likely a cavernoma hemangioma,so hope you find the results soon as it is always worrying and we  of course think the worst. Mine started with a stiff neck that wouldn't relieve with other modalities. I have had an MRI  and CT scan of chest abdomen,pelvis and blood,urine,chest xray. I am having another followup MRI progress scan in 4 weeks, haemotology/ oncology app. in 2 days and a respiratory check in 6 weeks, so  I  know how long winded it becomes.Find the right people to check you out as it sounds sort of similar. I was doing gym, and power walking, running a business, and exrta work as well. So I have taken it slower but still have a bit happening and was initaling told not to skip, jump or lift weights, but last visit to the neurologist, was told to lead a normal life??? So still sorting it out.
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Any updates on this goldy53?
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I am experiencing very similar symptoms to your original post, and it started 3 days after completing a two-week cleanse. I've now felt lightheaded and "off" for almost two weeks now. Also have pressure in the base of my head, but also am just getting over a severe cramp in my neck.

Were you ever diagnosed?
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I am experiencing very similar symptoms to your original post, and it started 3 days after completing a two-week cleanse. I've now felt lightheaded and "off" for almost two weeks now. Also have pressure in the base of my head, but also am just getting over a severe cramp in my neck.

Were you ever diagnosed?
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