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Headaches, Tremors, Nausea, Vertigo, ETC.

I am not sure exactly where to begin.  What in the world is going on inside me?  About 6 years ago I started experiencing Nausea that would wake me in the middle of the night.  It would go on for upwards of 6 months and then would leave me for a few months.  It would return next time with a new life all its own.  I go through these cycles, only now the nausea happens any time of day or night.  This is how it all began.  

Now this is all that is happening:

Nausea - 6-7 years and counting
Tremors (Hand and Head) - 6 years and counting
Headaches (Pressure) - 3 years, getting worse, some lasting 2-3 days without light sensitivity.
Vertigo (Room Spinning) - Happened for about 1 month every day, hundreds of times a day, every few seconds or minutes.  Has not occurred in the last 2 months.
Facial numbness on Left side - Happened with associated Vertigo during that span in time.  Has occurred occasionally since then.
Hearing Loss/Numbness Left Ear - Happened during bouts of Vertigo during that span in time.  Has occured occasionally since then.
Dizziness / Off-Balance - 1 year, Every day most of the day.
Neck pain - 1 year
Leg and Feet pain - 1.5 years, on fire, red, burning, at times extremely pale and cold with electrical shock/stabbing sensations, 3 mos., crackling/popping sounds.
Hands - 1.5 years, swell with white nuckles, palms red, burning, on fire, very hot.
Body/muscles and joints aches all over - 1 year
Vision Disturbances - 4 years, double vision on occasion.  Vitreous layer came loose inside my right eye.  Some loss of periphreal (sp?) vision.  About 6 floaters in fienld of vision.  Eye pain.  Vision seems dim from that eye.
Ear Pain, both - 3 months, Referred ear pain, sharp stabbing pains.  No fluid or infection present.
Itchiness - 3 months, All Over
Pupil Size Inconsistent - Right pupil is larger than left at time, especially in the morning, but can occur any time of day.
Memory / Concentration / Intelligence - 2-3 years, DAILY Has decreased monumentally.  Frequently ask same questions again and again in short periods of time.  Can think without losing my place.  Frequently searching for the right word.  Can concentrate or remember almost anything.  I feel stupid now.  I used to be very intelligent.  I could remember anything after hearing it just once.  Extremely quick learner.  I could read an instruction manual and almost recite it back ver-batum.  This is no longer my description.  I feel stupid.  I can't even do accounting anymore, I feel at a loss most times when asked a question.  I have had to quit my job.
Sensory feeling - I get sharp stinging pains in almost anywhere on my body just out of the blue and suddenly.
Urinating Blood - 2 years, on infrequent occasions I have urinated blood.  Once I felt a trickle and went to the bathroom to find blood on my underwear in the front as well.  I have had a hysterectomy.  Not from there.

I may have forgotten a few things.  Sorry.

I don't know if this is relevant or not:  18 years ago I experienced a sudden inability to use my legs while pregnant which resolved itself within 24 hours.  I also had multiple occasions during my subsequent pregnancy, 11 years ago,  whereby I would all of a suddent lose my ability to feel my legs which would lead to them falling out from under me.  I was put on bed-rest for that one.

What has been done:
1.  I have seen a urologist, everything is normal.
2.  ER doctor ordered CT, which was normal and referred me to the ENT.
3.  I have seen an ENT, had roto-chair, postureography, ENG, all of which were normal
4.  I have had a MRI w/o contrast ordered by the ENT- results shown below:

Reason for Order: 36 y.o. Female with left facial numbness associated with dysequilibrium.

Impression: No evidence of an internal auditory canal or cerebellopontine angle abnormality.  Probable pineal region cyst, though contrast enhancement is necessary.

Indication: Sensorineural hearing loss.

Technique: Multiplane, mutisequence imaging was procured.

Findings: There is an apparent cyst within the pineal gland, measuring up to 8 mm.  A contrast enhanced study is recommended to confirm this is a cyst.  There is perhaps minimal mass effect on the superior portion of the tectal plate.  There is no evidence of an IAC or CP nagle abornormality.  There is no evidence of a dominant vascular loop.

Supraentorially, the central and peripheral CSF spaces are compatible with the age of the patient.  There is no evidence of a recent infarct of a major vessell, mass lession or hemorage.

After the MRI, my ENT doctor told me I had a pineal cyst and he assumed my episodes of vertigo were probably from a viral swelling of the optic nerve pathway, which has sence resolved itself.  He said no further tests or visits are necessary unless the vertigo re-presents itself.  His burse said before he saw me that he would refer me to the neurologist for further study, but that is not what he did.  He said lets wait and see.  Nothing else.

Is this a result of the Pineal growth, that has not had a definitive diagnosis or is it something like MS?  They did mention something like possibly auto-immune disease.  They did not further investigate, however.

Please offer some pathways that I may push the doctor to further investigate.  I am miserable and this has totally disrupted my life.  Everyone seems concerned about me, but the doctor.  Help.

Discouraged and Miserable in TX.
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