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Headaches, Weakness, Lightheadedness, etc

I am a 24 year old female with no real health concerns.  I started getting headaches in the afternoons about a month ago that would gradually go away after some medication.  Eventually, these headaches changed to last throughout the day but not all the time, just a few minutes usually here and there.  In addition, I've had other disconcerting symptoms such as really weak legs and arms and just generally feeling "off."  I can’t decide if my arms and legs feel like they’re losing circulation or are just weak feeling.  I constantly feel like I'm going to pass out and am dizzy and lightheaded pretty much at all times.  I have been tested from everything from a brain tumor (via CAT scan in the ER), diabetes, b12 deficiency, syphilis, lyme disease, etc. and everything has checked out as normal.  I feel so out of it and don't really know whats going on.  I was referred to a specialist/neurologist but they can't see me until the middle of next month.  I've tried looking online for people with similar symptoms but I can't really seem to find any leads.  Does anyone have any suggestions about what could be causing these symptoms?  
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It is important to know if you have been tested for anemia and low or high BP. Since all your other tests are clear.
These symptoms can also be causes by low blood sugar, poor eyesight and dehydration and stress and anxiety.
I would suggest you to drink plenty of water eat on time and sleep for at least 8 hrs in the night. Breathing exercises will also help you.
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Thank you for your reply.  I have been tested for iron deficiency as well as high and low BP and its come back normal as well. They did a blood sugar test in the ER which was normal and I've gone to the eye doctor last week and my vision hasn't changed.  Since this has been occurring for about three weeks now I don't think its sleep deprivation or dehydration (this is what my doctor originally thought as well).  Im still stumped as to what could be causing this... My mom thinks it could be anxiety combined with fighting off some sort of virus? Ive read a few threads where it turns out people have some off shoot of mono or something so I am wondering if it could be something like that...
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I have noticed since last month that things are more blurry & not sharp, i feel numbness in my hands & sometimes legs & feeling lightheaded all the time. i feel something is wrong & i feel I might faint but somehow I know I'm not going to faint & the dizziness is not severe eventho I feel it all the time. & getting headaches frequently. I have seen 3 doctors & all say it's anxiety. They did a series of general blood tests & vitamin/mineral tests & all showed nothing. I am wearing glasses now cause of the blurriness.
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  Just a thought.  Make sure your furnaces are working correctly. Your symptoms are in line with a small carbon monoxide leak. I just found out our furnace had this problem. I don't know if this was contributing to my son's headaches, weakness, and nausea, because he has medical problems with these symptoms anyway, but it very well could have.
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Have you been treated with Metroclapomide (Reglan) for nausea understand it also treats reflux so I have heard.

I was given this drug which caused a Dystonic Reaction since then I have that lightheaded feeling etc Bloods are normal so is MRI scan of head
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