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Headaches, blurred vision, slight numbness on right side of the head and face
Hi, I'm 34yrs female with severe migraine which has been there for almost 4 weeks now. Last year around the same time I had the same kind of stabbing pressure & numbing pain on the right side of my head followed by ear pain which runs down my neck but it's wasn't as bad as now. I got admitted in the hospital on 10/7/2010 due to severe headache which lasted for 3 weeks and followed by dizziness & blurred vision. My neurologist has diagnosed me as having severe migraine after an MRI done and below is the report. I still do have the headache and numbing pain despite being on medication such as Flunarizine Tab 5mg, Topiramate Tab 5mg, Propranolol Tab 10mg & CataFlam Tab 50mg. I am really frustrated with all this and any support and ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

MRI Report :-

“Axial T1 and T2 images obtained followed by sagittal T1 & coronal FLAIR images.

The ventricles are normal in size and configuration. No midline shift.

There are symmetrical elongated to tubular CSF filled structures in the deep white matter in both parietal lobes. The largest lesion measures 10mm in length in the right parietal lobe.

There is similar elongated CSF filled structure in the splenium of the corpus collosum measuring approximately 8mm in length.

All of them are oriented perpendicular to the long axis of the lateral ventricles.
No surrounding vasogenic oedema. No mass effect. No focal restricted diffusion demonstrated in the DWl images.

No other focal Cerebral lesion seen.
Normal brain stem and cerebellum.

No intracranial haemorrhage or vascular malformation.

There is minor lobulated mucosal thickening lining the floor of the left maxillary sinus. The rest of the sinuses are otherwise clear.

Impression :-

Symmetrical elongated to tubular shape CSF filled lesion in the white matter of both parietal lobes and in the splenium in the corpus collasum.
They are oriented perpendicular to the long axis of the lateral ventricles. No mass effect or surrounding oedema seen.
The are unknown nature and significance.
There are likely benign and chronic in nature. Possibility may include Virchow-Robin spaces.

There are less likely to be multiple sclerosis. Clinical correlation and follow-up MRI would be helpful.”
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