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Headaches- lasting DAYS, and also stabbing short pains.

There is so much wrong, but this is just a small part of it. I'm crying because I am so tired of this. I have had SUPER-headaches before, that lasted about 7 days each time. It happened on 3 occassions in the not so recent past. Nothing would help. I went to the ER. They did a spinal tap, nothing. Pain shots. 1st one helped, was back the next day, and morphine didn't touch it...  But... they have returned, and with a lot more freuqency. End of february, I had a headache every single day for 18+ days (I started marking it on my calender)... it would start within 2 minutes of waking up and was relentless. Since that one, I have had several multiple-day headaches; 7 days here, 3 days there, 1 week no pain, and now I am on day 6 of this headache. As a teen I had migraines, and it seems to be in the same area, forehead/behind eye, usually left side. ALSO

I have been having, only in the last few months, sudden sharp excruciating pain near my temple, sometimes further back above my ear, sometimes more to the front closer to forehead. They only last 5-10 seconds and then go away. It hurts a lot. And is gone.

I don't know what to do. I recently had a cortisone shot in cervical spine area due to muscle pain, and what I believe is nerve pain. Although the doctor did not seem to care WHY I am hurting, I have researched and I really think I have a pinched nerve. (I had burning tingling pain like IN my spine, it felt like, and slightly to the left, somewhere in c3/c4 area, I don't know for sure.) I have moderate-severe scoliosis, almost had surgery at the Shriner's when I was 17, but was scared.. My doctor thinks I have sciatica. I am just in pain... I feel like it may be all nerve related? Due to scolios related misalignment? And migraines? Do you think the stabbing pain is related to the (alleged) pinched nerve in my neck?? What should I do?
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Well, I think you should have a scan done of your head and neck and be referred to a neurologist.  That way, if anything dramatic is amiss, it'll show up on the pictures and the neuro can explain the radiology report to you.  On the idea about your neck being the source of your head pain, I think this is a possibility.  So, whilst you wait to see a neuro and get a scan, you can have a friend or relative thoroughly rub out your shoulders and back of your neck on up into your scalp, several times in the week, and take some hot tub soaks, heat helps pain.  Also, while you wait, ask your doctor to give you better medicines for at least migraines, and perhaps also an antispasmodic for pain control.  Check out your pillow situation for when you sleep.  I have to have a solid foam pillow, you can buy one at the better department stores.  A cup of coffee in the morning sometimes helps headaches, as does aspirin with milk in the afternoon.  I hope some of this helps you out.  But I do think you should be under the care of a neurologist and be taking much better medicines for migraines, at the very least.
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Hi, Thank you for your question. For persistent headaches, possibilities like migrainous, cluster, tension, pinched nerve in cervical spine and refractive errors that need to be evaluated thoroughly with the help of a neurologist here. Migraine like headache can be throbbing, one sided of face & head and preceded by aura (starts with blurred vision). Cluster headache may appear as burning, explosive in nature and tear appears from eyes. Tension headache originates with stress and anxiety disorder. Please arrange an appointment with a neurologist right away who will evaluate the further underlying disorders by clinically examine you & ordering MRI or CT scan here that may be the main reasons of your headache attacks & other symptoms and can provide you an appropriate treatment. Hope this information proves helpful to you. Take Care & Regards!!!
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Hi...since u had surgery for scoliosis have u been checked for tethered cord?...this can cause scoliosis or be the result of scar tissue after s surgery.

Once tethered it pulls  down on the brain stem and can cause a chiari herniation to occur.

Have u had recent MRI's?

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Hi, i too have very very bad headpain in exactly the same area of head for 3 years,my doc and neurologist both said migraines.Mine are continuous day after day it is relentless i have had ct and mri all clear.I was born with a curved spine so they could not do a spinal.In february i was in hospital for tests for chronic fatigue and had a trial of steroids.The steroids helped immensley with the migraines! with just one migraine in the evening, after one week of tests it was great but within three days of coming home i was back to normal.I also have raynauds disease and i am being tested for lupus which my doc says the lupus headache, very similar to migraines is treated with steroids along with other treatment.I have migraine tablets that ease them but as you no the pain is immense.You sound in pain and it sounds like migraines suggest to your doc to be reffered to a neurologist and mention a preventative for your migraines called topamax i was on it three years ago and it kept mine at bay for the best part.Sorry for going on but i hope i could be of help and good luck.

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Thank you so much for the replies. To clarify, I did not have the spinal surgery, but was offered to have it done when I was younger at Shriner's. I'm going to look into a neurologist tomorrow... I don't have insurance, so I'll have to rely on my dad. I hate to ask him but I know this won't be cheap. I just feel like it will never get better if i don't do something. I really appreciate the feedback. I'll let you know if I find out something. Does anyone know how much an MRI runs if it's self pay? 1k? 2k? I know it's not cheap.
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MRI is very expensive, seems like mine was $3,000+ so you may wish to hold off on that one, or ask for a CT scan, they're about half what an MRI is.  But a neuro doc can check you out without a scan for the time being, he could even do a plane black & white X-ray for $50 of your neck at the very least.

What I think you SHOULD do is follow the advice of poster Gmakp, and get stronger medicines for migraines, and perhaps see if they'll throw in steroids as-needed or whatever.  For this, you can go to your regular doc or go to the county health department (it's free) as a walk-in, and you will be seen by a physician the same day.  That way, you can get relief, and later you can find out how come all this is happening when you have more cash.
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