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Headaches, tingling in fingers, blocked sinuses

Hi, 3 weeks ago, i done something called "The Choking Game" at school. I don't know if you're aware of it, but its basically where you choke yourself to get a rush of a high. I know i was extremely stupid to do this, but i didn't pass out. I know i shouldn't of done it and it is life threatening but at the time i wasn't thinking of the consequences. But later that night i started having headaches that lasted for about 5 days. They went away but about a week later i have been having headaches (pain in the temples and sometimes the whole head) , i feel tingling in my fingers (sometimes feet) and sometimes when i move my head to fast or just at a random time, my head almost feels like its buzzing and im all dizzy and i feel like my sinuses are blocked? Not sure if any of these symptoms are related to the Choking Game (i know its not a game) but i seriously need help because I'm getting worried. Googling my symptoms and stressing probably isn't the best thing.
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Also i sometimes if i run too fast or too much or I'm panting i can feel a pulse in my head
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You are correct that it was a stupid thing to do! Do not worry about feeling your pulse in your head after strenuous exercise, that is pretty normal.

I personally do not think your other symptoms are because of you chocking yourself. But nonetheless you need to have your parents take you to a doctor and get checked out fully to find the correct cause for your problem.
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Do a google and a pubmed search on "near strangulation".. There is sometimes permanent brain damage resulting from such a "game". Small blood vessels break in various area of the body, including the brain. You need an MRA.
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Hi, thanks for replying. I actually have been to a doctor, but they said it was due to allergies. I'm not quite certain though, as i have been taking allergy tablets and nasal spray for a week and nothing has happened - still the same pain in my head. But 'caregiver22' replied and said it may be due to a blood vessel(s) bursting and i have read up about it but i don't seem to have any of the symptoms of "brain hemorrhage' apart from 2/15 . I seem to be functioning fine and running around and keeping physical, so do you think it may be anything serious? It just feels like my sinuses are blocked. I also have a doctors appointment with a better doctor on Thursday (We don't have the best doctors in the Far North of New Zealand).
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Hi, thanks for replying. I have been doing google searches about bleeding in the brain, but i am not suffering with any of the main symptoms such as :
-Seizures with no previous history of seizures
-Weakness in an arm or leg
-Nausea or vomiting
-Decreased alertness; lethargy
-Changes in vision
-Difficulty speaking or understanding speech
-Difficulty swallowing
-Difficulty writing or reading
-Loss of fine motor skills, such as hand tremors
-Loss of coordination
-Loss of balance
-An abnormal sense of taste
-Loss of consciousness

I seem to function fine and keep up with physical activity but i do have a 2nd doctors appointment booked for thursday. Do you think it could be due to another cause such as straining my eyes on my computer and tv. I have been using it quite a lot this past 3 months.
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I'm happy you seem to be doing well.

Bear in mind that the "choking game" is extremely dangerous. Think Russian Roulette.

Take care.
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