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I started getting persistent headaches in November 2006, that we almost daily.  I always seem to have a strange sensation behind my left eye like there is something pressing against it.  The headaces develop from this spot, and right across my forehead into a dull ache.  Sometimes I get sharp pains during the headache.  
To add to this I have now begun to get a sharp stabbing pain at the rear, right side of my head.  Its difficult to describe but it feel like the pain originates from the front at travels to the back.
It may or may not be connected, but I have also developed sleep onset hallucinations over the last few years.  They have been more and more prominent since the headaches developed.  
The doctors have reffered me to ENT thinking it is the sinuses.  I am waiting until March 08 to get the results of a sinus scan.  Please could you advise if I should be asking to be reffered to neurology immediately or should I wait until ENT have finished with me?
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I meant November 2007 not 2006.
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How are you feeling now?
Headache results from disorders that affect pain-sensitive structures of the head and neck, such as meninges, blood vessels, nerves, and muscle.
Your pain distribution suggests that there might be Trigeminal nerve involvement, as pain is along the course of this nerve distribution.
Is there any precipitating factor associated with this headache?
Sharp, lancinating pain suggests a neuritic cause such as trigeminal neuralgia.
Ocular or retroocular pain suggests a primary ophthalmologic disorder such as acute iritis or glaucoma, optic (II) nerve disease (e.g., optic neuritis), or retro-orbital inflammation (e.g., Tolosa-Hunt syndrome). It is also common in migraine or cluster headache.
What are the other associated symptoms?
Keep me informed if you have any queries.
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There is nothing I can think of that triggers a headache or the sharp pains.  They are completely random.  The sharp pains only lasted 48 hours and then stopped today.  I have now been left with a dull frontal headache.  Apart from bad IBS-C, I have no other pysical symptoms.  Mentally, I feel drained and lacking in concentration.  I am experiencing short term memory loss and my colleagues say ive become irritable and withdrawn.  Today I felt spaced out, like a slightly dizzy feeling but i've put it all down to the stress of not feeling very well.
I just wanted a second opinion to make sure I am walking the right path going through ENT first.  I am considering going back to my GP and informing him of these new symptoms whilst at the same time asking to be put on the neurology waiting list.
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If there are no associated symptoms then it could be due migraine or cluster headache.
You are right in going to ENT specialist to see for any infection or any ENT deformity causing headache mainly Mastoiditis.
I still feel you should be checking it out with neurologist and confirm the diagnosis of neuralgia if it exists.
Yes stress and anxiety can do this.
Keep me informed after you have met your GP as to what he has to say.
Meanwhile you can be on analgesics.
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I saw my GP today and he did a full physical examination.  He said there was no sign of any increased pressure in my head and that the sinus scan will show anything thats causing me a problem in my head.  He suggested the stabbing pains are caused by stress.  I am not too sure on this theory because I was getting them when I was sleeping and in a relaxed state.  Anyhow I feel much more re-assured now and will wait until the result of the CT scan.  In the meantime he has doubled my dose of Amitriptilline to 50mg a day.
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I went to the ENT today and he said my Sinuses looked normal. I told him about the daily jolts of pain I get at the back of my head each day, and he said it sounded neurological and he will write to my GP advising refferal to a nuerologist.  My GP meanwhile is not too keen on upping my dosage of Amytriptiline because of the bad effect its is having on my IBS.  So it looks as if I am stuck with playing the waiting game on the NHS.  The sharp pains are becoming more frequent and more severe as time goes on and I am starting to feel dizzy and seeing weird flashes in my eyes. To be honest im quite scared by everything thats happening.  Have you any advise other than just waiting weeks for a neurology appointment and getting worst?
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