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Headaches following epidural lumbar injections

Approximately 10 years ago I supposedly herniated a disk while moving some furniture. This was diagnosised at an ER clinic with an x-ray and I was sent to pain management afterwards. The dr there said I was having some issues with my L4-L5 and suggested 3 things; injections, therapy or the chiropractor. I did therapy and chiropractor visits for years but the pain never completely went away. About 2 years ago when bending over to pick up something I developed shooting pain down my left buttocks, back of the leg and numbness into my foot so severely I couldn't feel my toes at all. I rushed back to the same ER and they performed another x-ray but couldn't find anything this time and suggested it was just chronic lower back pain and to see a spine specialist. Time passed and the symptoms subsided but would flare up when driving or sitting to long then it became constant and I was unable to sleep due to the pain in my lower back and down the left leg. I scheduled and appt with a back specialists and he recommended epidural injections at L4-L5 and S1. Immediately after the pain in my leg was excruciating and I was unable to stand up due to weakness and numbness in that same leg. The facility didn't seem to care and said it was completely normal and sent me home. The following day the leg and back pain was still terrible and developed numbness in my hands and a terrible headache, this progressed over the next few days and I returned to the facility and they placed a blood patch in the area stating it was a CSF leak. Instantly the headache and extremity numbness was gone. The dr said he thought I was having leaky disks and scheduled a discogram, biggest mistake of my life. The pain was horrendous and the lower back pain, leg pain became much worse. The dr said I had tears in the dura in 2 places and pushed a procedure that is not approved by the FDA, I declined. Since then I periodically develop the debilitating headaches, neck stiffness and extremity numbness late in the day. I scheduled appts with other back specialist but they couldn't find anything wrong with any disk that would have prompted the dr to do the injections and seemed dumbfounded.  Since I was having neurological symptoms they sent me for a cisternogram (another huge mistake) which found no cranial CSF leaks. After having that procedure everything spiraled out of control, now I have headaches everyday for the last 5 months and drs seem dumbfound. The headaches became so bad I couldn't straighten my neck and was constantly hunched over and nauseated. Returned to the ER and they performed MRI which found no detectable CSF but found a chiari malformation and low lying cerebral tonsils but this was dismissed as causing any problems. I was scheduled an appt with another back specialist that immediately said it was low pressure headaches and performed a blood patch where LP was performed for cisternogram. Headache improved but did not completely subside, Dr sent me to a neurosurgeon again thinking it could be the chiari but that was dismissed and I was sent back for another blood patch. Immediately the headache became so much worse and it was like searing hot pokers where being jabbed in my head and neck. Back specialist was at a loss and sent me to a neurologist that dismissed it all as migraines and put me on muscle relaxers and gabapentin. Nothing would help the headaches, the neurologist tripped the dose of meds and still nothing. I set up an appt for a second opinion with another neurosurgeon and he said chiari was not an issue instead it's low pressure headaches. I tried to go back to the original facility and tell them what the neurosurgeons both said, low pressure headaches needing myleogram followed by multiple blood patches and NO ONE will help me. I continually am dismissed as being crazy and that there isn't such a thing. The neurosurgeons won't get involved because I don't need surgery. No back specialists will help me because they say there is no spinal defect. Neurologist dismiss it was unusual migraines but can't explain back pain, leg pain and neck pain. GPs don't have any idea what low pressure headaches are and can't help. I don't know what to do anymore and this is ruining my life. I'm unable to work because I can't drive or function for long periods of time after getting out of bed. I'm in the East TX area and I need help please.
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