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Headaches in MS common?

  Hi doctors,
  I'm not sure where to go with this so I'm hoping you can give me some ideas as to what may be happening so I'll know which doctor (PCP or Neuro) to see about this. I was DXed with RRMS in March of this year in the midst of a series of  severe exacerbations affecting both hands, everything from the waist down and optic neuritis in the left eye (which cleared up pretty well), intention tremor & also essential tremor. I finally asked my neuro for a course of IV Solumedrol last month because I didn't seem to be stabilizing or "remitting".
  He put me on a 5 day course of 1 gr. of Solumedrol with no oral taper. The drug worked wonders for many of my symptoms, but a couple of days after finishing it, I woke up feeling like the muscles in my cheeks and neck were bruised and sharp pain around my spinal cord all the way down my back. Also a slight fever for a couple of days, headache, & a general achiness. I assumed it was due to not having an oral taper after the Solumedrol and just toughed it out. Everything cleared up after a week except for the headaches.
  But these headaches are so weird that I've been hesitant to contact either doctor for fear of sounding like I'm nuts or else a hypochondriac. I usually get them every day, but I can't find a trigger for them. It usually starts in my temples and TMJ area and the pain extends over the top of my head like a headband and/or behind my eyes. Sometimes includes sharp pains along the jawline. Sometimes it's just limited to the left side  of my head. Sometimes they last all day, sometimes it's just for a quarter hour. Occasionally I get nauseous, but light doesn't seem to bother me. It's all so iffy I just don't know what to make of it. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.
Dear Lisa,
Thank you for your question.
Headache (HA) is not an uncommon complaint in MS, after all HA is very
common in general.
Your HA sounds like a tension HA, usually bilateral, can be in the back
of head, neck region, temple, or forehead, diffuse and dull/achy quality,
as if the head were squeezed/headband/clamped in a vise, etc..
The jawpain ;you described is interesting because MS patients can
get Trigeminal Neuralgia, a form of facial pain. This is usually a series of
brief sharp/stabbing/electric-like pain in the upper or lower jaw area.
These attacks are intermittent, recur frequently, both day and night,
and can last for days at a time. The pain may be initiated by stimuli applied
to certain areas of the face,  lips, or even gums, for example during
chewing, brushing, etc.
If this is the case, there is treatment for it and you should discuss it with your neurologist.
I hope this helps.

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