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Hearing Voices

I am interested in receiving detailed information about those who hear voices inside their heads or with their ears.
I have recorded the voice I hear on a recorder so I know it's not a medical condition, but yet I have to deal with it.
I know of many who do hear voices in their heads and I believe it would be beneficial for myself and others to know the specifics as to how a voice not recognized by a person could possibly be heard inside their head.
Medications such as anti-psychotics don't usually have any impact or take the voice away.
I know there are many theories as to why one hears voices, but I'm more interested in knowing the scientific explantion for hearing voices; in other words, the mechanics of how it is believed to be heard as a voice.
I hope I am clear here.
I know people are looking for answers and would benefit from logical, scientific explantions.
Thank You,
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Yes there are neurological disorders that can cause auditory hallucinations. Some of this is discussed in the book by Oliver Sacks "Musicophillia". It would depend what is going on with you in general as to whether what you have is neurological or psychiatric. Only a neurologist would know what to look for and rule out. If you have a pre-existing psychiatric disability and you are concerned it is neurological speak to your psychiatrist and obtain a referral to a neurologist if warranted. I do have a neurological disability that causes auditory and visual hallucinations, perceptual hallucinations and synathesia. It is designated as neurological because I "know its not real". However, since its an extremely rare adverse side effect of some medications under (standard) clinical study itself I won't post the name of it here because that is not what is going on with you. If a voice you hear is not real though could it recorded on a tape recorder? That's a bit confusing. Perhaps bring the tape recorded voice to your psychiatrist so they could understand what you mean better. Don't jump to conclusions as there are many common things that could be going on. As well not everyone responds to antipsychotics as well as they should. It would depend on your perception of reality in general. Speak to your psychiatrist about that.
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Hey there
I am not Schizophrenic, i have depression and anxiety disorder but the amount of drugs i have been taking mainly the zopiclone or zopiderm, caused very loud and vocal voices in the middle of the night, they got so bad i started screaming for them to go away, it was the voice of my sister but she was asleep in another room and no one was in my room, just her loud audible voice that was not there.

Drugs and insomnia play a key part in creating voices
if u have any other questions please ask me
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It's good you seem to have found the source for hearing voices.
Learning the source is very very helpful.
There are many theories and reasons as to why one may hear a voice or voices and
the sources/reasons  for hearing a voice or voices varies depending on the individual.
Thank You.
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Did you ever read the book suggested by one of the posters here, and did you ever get the voices to go away?  It's been six months since your original post, and after I read this thread, I wondered.  I've had brief experiences with it, and I understand basically what was going on was pain and lack of sleep, and also other times it was medicines.  Hope you are seeing a psychiatrist, he should be your gatekeeper on handling this, the right kind and dose of medicines will almost always quiet those voices down.  I know another form of this, where a sound was heard by a certain group of people, tuned out to be a submarine radar.  But usually hearing voices comes from schizophrenia, lack of sleep, medications, or being knocked out at some point.  Which the way that adds up is, the wiring in the brain gets a short in it somehow and misfires.  Well, fill us in, this is an interesting thread.
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Please re-read my original post on this thread and take note of I have the voice recorded which means the voice is not coming from within me or a result from a psychiatric condition.
The voice is from an external source such as an energy or spirit; paranormal related.
Some believe in energies or spirits and some just don't.
2 others have heard the voice also so it is not a psychiatric condition.
The voice is not heard outside of the home nor in some rooms of the home.
I was very much interested in the mechanics and origin on hearing a voice or voices not pertaining to voices that come from an external source.
Thank You.

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Thanks for clarifying, I couldn't tell from the first post that you had played the recording for two other people, or that two people were with you when they heard the voice, not sure even with your last post.  So, what are the voices saying?  I can tell you, tho, that some people DO hear voices that come from a brain cross-wiring, because my DOG told me in an old person's voice that she wanted to go outside.  You'd better believe I was busy letting my dog out, even tho I KNEW it was my sedating medication doing that.  But if a person is perfectly fine and not showing the symptoms of a schizo or not taking medication or hasn't had a concussion or whatever, then of course the voices would indeed be coming from an outside source.  That's why I ask what they are saying when you hear them.  Might give a clue as to whether it's indeed a ghost or if it's someone's TV in the distance, or people out in their yard talking together.  So, let me know, what do the voices say, do you still hear the voices, can  you attribute it to something normal, and why are you taking antipsychotics?  Perhaps you are hearing something normal, something that you can record, but you are in no shape to understand what it really is.  Can the two other people tell from your recording or being present figure out what the voices are?   If you want a paranormal explanation, I'm sure there are websites where those folks trade stories about what THEY hear and perhaps an explanation.  
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Hi ggreg,
Let's see if I can clear some things up just a little.
First I don't take anti-psychotic medication.
2 other people have heard the voice speak where I live and not from the recordings, but they have listened to the recordings.
I have been dealing with this voice for 3 years now and have been involved in atleast 2 types of hearing forums including a paranormal forum, but not any longer.
The voice from all my observations which are many is that of an energy or spirit and paranormal people have been to my home and confirmed my findings.
The voice basically says my name along with short sentences or words in a whisper from 2 closets and another room where I live.  My name is heard on one recording and some of the words the voice speaks are also heard on another recording such as the voice saying: "remember me."
I have played several recordings for a psychiatrist who turned white when she heard the recording, but she could only say that she didn't deal with that type of thing as well as she has many patients who bring her photos of what they believe to be spirits or apparitions, etc.  It's not her area of expertise, but she was quite interested and believed me.
Now, this may shock some, but the voice did follow me to another home where I also was able to record it so these energies can indeed follow a person. It is the same voice that speaks from where I live.
I turned to my faith for assistance and received house blessings as well as exorcism blessings and prayers which seemed to help.
Exorcism blessings and prayers are done for removing any unwanted energy and not because I  was possessed.  These prayers are prayers to God and are good prayers basically although I would change some of the wording so as not to scare people.  
I have written about my experience and it is a long one with many details and there are several versions of it, but I recently wrote a new version and continually modify it.  
I hear the voice daily, but again only in certain rooms and not too often, but still  I want it to be gone although I believe I need to move for that to happen as sometimes is the case in these situations; one has to move because the energy will not leave.
My intention is to try and help others deal with such phenomena and this is partly why I write about it.  
This is how I got involved in voice hearing also.  I have seen alot in the different forums, but one important element is giving support and encouragement to all who hear voices no matter why they hear voices if they are distressing voices as well as relevant information that relates to the persons experience.
Thanks for inquiring ggreg and I did take a listen to Oliver Sacks briefly also which sounds very interesting.
I do believe though that each person is an individual and has their own unique experiences in life and it's important to always remember this.
Take Care and thanks again for your interest.
this is called v2k voice to skull. electronic targeting, is very real. Please research this.!! is done with frequiences and thousands of us are going through it
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Again, thanks for clarifying.  I am trying to narrow down a practical cause for these voices and in no way am I disputing what you hear or making any argument against ghosts.  I post in neurology because of a cascade of symptoms that come from a car accident that tore up my back.  I want to help, is all, which is why I keep replying to you.  I hope you don't mind me going about my usual investigation into precisely what might be going on, in order to arrive at the "scientific explanation" of voices that you request, and also I need to take a step into the spirit world, so I want to be sure I got it before I go and do that.  I used the anti-psychotics phrase from your first post, assuming you meant any drugs you take do not change the voices, but I understand now that you mean your understanding is that drugs don't work or whatever.

I think it's interesting that the voices went with you from one home to another.  Obviously I should ask if you live in homes connected to other ones, and  I should also ask if you have others living with you, including animals, especially cats.  Those are two reasons for hearing voices.  If I can rule that out, then I may have a couple ideas for you.  

One is, I have directional hearing loss.  I hear things outside and inside my house, for example, and I have no idea from what direction they are coming and sometimes no idea how close the sound is to me.  While your visiting voice is rather specific to you, there is a chance that neighbors are indeed talking in their yards, and you're hearing them, maybe even said your own name (which other people have your name), but because of a hearing deficit, you don't know if it's in your home or outside your home.  The voices may be so weak that while they can be recorded, and while others can hear them when they're with you, and that even if their hearing is accurate, they've already got the idea that it's in your home and are not thinking of it coming from outside, and likewise you think it's inside, but it's outside.

That's the main idea I wanted to tell you, is sounds, especially in summer, can sound like they're in your home even with normal hearing, and especially if your hearing is a little off.  The second idea has to do with how sporadic this is, like if it's constant or if it's occasional.  This is because I am assuming you don't have a TV or radio timer turning it on or record player going somewhere in the house, and so you really do hear this stuff when everything is dead quiet.  If so, wind can make sounds that are hard to identify, so if you live in a particularly windy location, near the beach, on a mountain, or in the northernmost states, it can come through cracks in the house.  Also, if you have mice, they can make all sorts of interesting sounds, and so if you live near a field of any kind, even a small garden area, in both houses, you may have mice.  There are "friendly" traps you can set to see if you have them in the areas, like your closets, in the attic space over them or the other room, that you're hearing the mice sound like voices.

With all that little stuff out of the way, I will explain to you how ghostly voices can be heard by people.  There ARE spiritual forces that can do all sorts of things, including making personal appearances to some people and not others.  For example, I have a little book of angel stories, that a man was leaving a bar in a rough part of town, and someone he knew was nearby but not with him.  A couple of bad people were on the corner, and he thought sure he'd be jumped, but went past them without a problem.  Later he saw this other person he knew and talked about it.  The friend said that it was no wonder no one bothered him, because of the two very big men on each side of him.  They manifested themselves to everyone around him, but he did not see them.  It was decided they were angels.  

I myself sometimes spend time in the "spirit world," when I am particularly stressed out, and I have animal allies.  A damselfly visits to let me know of coming calamity if I don't pay attention, there's sometimes a time frame given by that particular animal spirit, which two years figures in because of their larvae cycle.  They don't just fly by, they come right up to me, real close, a number of times.  I can believe a situation where a voice from the spirit world is trying to make an impression on you for some reason.  You may not know why at the moment, but could be in a year or so, it will make more sense to you.  

So, to make the spirit (or angel is the way I like to think of it) to let you go is, to wait for the voice, and as soon after as you hear it, in a calm but commanding way, acknowledge the spirit, thank them for their message, you understand their need to talk to you, but now you need for the voice to go away, as it is upsetting you more than it's helping you.  Ask them to please stop their voices and be on their way, forthwith, and bless them for their gift.  Say goodbye and leave your house for a while.

If this voice continues, you can also get some flower essence oils from the health food store, pick a couple out that are supposed to bring you relaxation type feelings, and rub a little of the oil between the inside of your wrists right after you hear the voice, and go right in the space where the sound is coming from, and repeat your request for them to go, that you have the help you need with you in the worldly plane, and therefore as a favor to you, would they please return to the spirit plane, and thank them for their assistance in this critical time in you life.  Again, leave the house.  If the voice is gone for good, put that flower essence where that sound has been coming from and use it on yourself for a week or so.

Spiritual voices and presences MUST be understood as having good reason for doing what they're doing.  It's the same thing Christ tried to tell us, to love each other, and I interpret that as basic respect, it's the only way to have peace in our lifetimes and to overcome negative stuff.  And when you think about it and practice it, being kind and understanding and positive and respectful towards all things is the only way to get around all the negative energy that is out there.  So, my point is, if you will treat this voice "visitation" as a good thing, keep in mind this whole experience was to help you, maybe down the road, whether you understand now it or not, and respond in kind, by talking to this spirit and asking it to leave, and the voices should go away.

If not, set those "humane" mouse traps and wear earplugs at home.  And yes, now I AM being funny.  Whenever I get a little crazy, my mother says to me, "What are the voices telling you?"  This is because it's a little out of the norm, my father makes fun of how I talk to the animals, but it's all good, you see.  Lighten up, ask the voice to let go, and I want to know how things go for you.  I know you are not afraid of this voice, but you wanted to know a practical way to understand how a spirit can manifest into REALITY, and I can testify, as can my husband when he is on a higher spiritual plane, that there are electrical fields or vibrations is more accurate, that some people are sensitives and are tuned to see and hear, or that are designed for others to see and hear, and if God can manifest a spirit man on earth to guide us, well so too can your angels and other guides make their presence REAL.  The thing that saves you from a cross-wiring in the brain or psychiatric problem is that you have two other people who are witness to the sounds you are hearing.  

But what YOU hear and they hear may be two different things, due to the way the sound is sensed, but then is INTERPRETED in the brain.  That is the scientific way of understanding how sound works in the brain.  Same thing with vision.  So, keep that in mind, too.
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Hi ggreg,
You need to realize that I know the voice is that of an energy or spirit.
This has been a 3 year experience and I trust myself completely with my observations.
It is too long of an experience to continue to discuss here I believe so I shall stop discussing this experience now.
I completely disagree with you on this statement you made: Quote by ggreg: "Spiritual voices and presences MUST be understood as having good reason for doing what they're doing."  End Quote by ggreg.
One can learn to deal with voices, but it is my belief that spirits or energies should NEVER be believed and basically ignored or told to leave.
I do not believe they (energies) have good reason to be among us; just the opposite.
One can still take positive steps though to deal with a spirit or energy voice.
Perhaps one day I shall post the link to my suggestions on this matter regarding the paranormal.
Thanks ggreg.
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I have been hearing voices for 10 years or more.  It started when I experimented with Meth. Even though I quit long ago the same voices still haunt me.  They went from sounding like they were in the room to being in my thoughts only.  It has become a war with them.  I am not crazy or schizo.  These are actual beings.  I have been investigating this phenomena for some time and would like to share notes. If you can, please send me a reply to my e-mail at:  sik-***@****  I have many interesting things to tell about my experiences and the voices strengths and weaknesses.
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Interested to hear what has happened to you with regards to a continued communication with "beings" and your past meth use... I know a lot of people who have been experiencing the same thing, some are being treated for psychotic disorder with little luck and I am curious how you cope...I am trying to be helpful to a few people who are not really being treated well via the medical system and Id like to be helpful. Thanks. ^_^
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Before I answer you, COCHINO, I have to say that to BLUETRAY I spent a rather long tiem explaining the mechanics of this whole thing to you, which you asked for in your very first post, and when I finallly had enough info to proceed, you seemed put off by one of my ideas that spirits are good things.  If you go around thinking in a negative way, you will feel negative about things.  I am a postive person, and try very hard to be sensitive to other people's feelings, telling them stuff that will keep them calm and positive.  Actually, speaking to a voice that is annoying you in a friendly way IS a good idea.  Do NOT go arond being afraid of all this stuff.

Anyhow, for whatever reason, you have gone off somewhere else.  But on the off chance you are till here, I will once again ask you questions you did not answer for me, and yet they are the very things that I think are bothering you.  You said you were not taking antipsychotics, BUT if you are taking ANY other medication, especially tranquilizers or pain killers, you are most likely going to hear stuff.  And if you live in an apartment building, where pipes, vents, and other connetions pass from one to the other apartment, you ARE going to hear stuff.  And lastly, if you put a no-kill mouse trap in your closet where the noise is coming from and you catch a little mouse, you need to get wildlife control over there thru the animal shelter, and have them work the problem; it'either that or get a cat and leave the closet open.  Now, I am not ignoring your explanations about recordings and other people hearing the voices and hearing them in other places.  Not a all.  But when it omes to so-called paranormal things, I am familiar with the spirit world, the one I know is extremely kind, and if it's not, then it's not paranomal; it's a twisting of your brain's wiring and you need to see a neuropsychiatrist.

COCHINO, I can tell you that your meth use, and that the other poster who replied toyou mentioned meth, both causing hearing problems, it's the meth that did it.  I ws fortunate to see the scans of a normal brain with a meth brain next to it, and it is really a sad state of affairs because some of the brain decreases in size, and thus you lose some connections.  With help from a speech therapist to learn to hear and speak better, plus some very good but powerful medications that will ease the tension all this has caused, you can get a lot better.  Also, visiting an ear nose throat ENT doctor wouldn't hurt, the meth can also damage the ear to some extent, and a good cleaning and ome drops can't hurt.

Folks, if you're hearing voices, unless you can determine what it is or likely is, you MUST see a pschiatrist or neropsychiatirst.  Now, hey may give you a diagnosis just so they can treat you, so don't fresk out if someome says you are schiozphrenic.  If your life is orgainizd and you are able to work well with other people, you don't have that; you just have a feature of it, and some of the meds they give for it WILL help wih the voices Bu there is no question in my mind that this is a situation that is not normal, and is almost always caused by a kind of poison or misuse of a drug.  But there is treatment.   Both myself and another person who posted here hear voices, but only when we're really tired and have been sedated.
these are not spirits it Is done with technology it is a frequency called V2k voice to skull- part of electronic targeting.. PLEASE look into this. thousands of us are going through it.
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I have the same problem too . I believe  its a lack of zinc and  way too much copper in the body. Without  the proper amount of zinc u can't have proper bile -bowel movement. Which is one and major component of mental disorders .too much copper means too much electricity  in the body. The body can be made into a battery under the right conditions to pick up certain freqenices that are all around us all the time. Low zinc and other properties make us more sensitive . And it is also a idea to keep your ears covered as much as possible. I can't  intake  medicines orally because My stomache keeps pumping  it out. When the voice get in they can override normal body functions.  I can fell shocks in my body sometimes it surfaces to the skin which gives you that itching sensation. That is why we all itch for no reason.
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I understand that you hear voices and you have recorded them and also two companions heard them also.

Please if you still hear voices and are still recording them, please put the recording (a copy) in youtube, I am very keen to listen to them.
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Hello I have noticed negative voices in my head since
January 2015 and being on Risperidone did not take the voices away completely. I keep saying to myself is it a spirit stuck inside me from 2014 or is it because I'm use to busy crowded places even though I wear soft silicone ear plugs with noise cancelling headphones. Could it be muscles making movement sounds that sound like ticks and we interpret them as a voice reply of the same thing. I have been thinking of asking my GP to refer me to a Neurologist to see if he can help me more. My GP first thought it was ear wax but it turns out not to be Ear wax as of still noticing them after ear syringe. The Negative voice I keep hearing is either (Shut Up) or (Sort it Out) which I don't like so hopefully Neurologist can look deep and further.
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Please check out electronic targeting and v2k. it is not your imagination. Happening to thousands of us all over the world. Is done with frequencies and mind control experimentation. check dr hall video. I am very severe targeted person. and am quite in my right mind..
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