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Heaviness and weakness in limbs

  About 2 years ago I awoke out of bed with my right leg being completely numb.  I thought it was asleep at first but after walking for quite awhile to wake it up I realized that I was dragging my foot and it was not waking up.  I also noticed tingling and heaviness in my arms a few mintues later.  I went to the doctor and a CAT scan was done and it was normal.  I was sent to Neurology as I had no strength to pull my leg or foot up.  I was told that I had drop foot.  Within 4 weeks I began to get feeling back and was able to walk on my leg without a severe limp.  Since then, other symptoms have occurred, but they come and go.  For example:  heaviness in my arms especially when holding my arms up to do my hair or simply from carrying my purse on my shoulder, continued heaviness in the legs, knees are getting weaker (can not squat down for anything or it hurts too bad to walk without awful pain in the knee), occassional blurred vision.   MRI's were done and they were normal.  Blood work was done and although I was on the very low end on nearly all of them they were still in normal range with the exception of one (do not know which one that was but he said that he wasn't worried about it because the others were okay.  Although my doctor and I both know something is going on we just do not know what.  I also have found it VERY frustrating that my memory is not as good...forgetting things that I never have forgotten before!  When these symptoms start up I find that I am also VERY tired all the time. Just last week they started up again and last week was very difficult for me.  I'm at a loss as to where to go from here.  Any suggestions that you might have for me would be very grateful.  I just need some direction.  I was also told that MRI's do not always pick up things.  I have thought of MS, but my doctor does not think so.  Should we be looking at other options?  

Dear Star:
A footdrop can be either from a PERIPHERAL cause (such as a pinched root in the back, or from getting a nerve compressed below the knee in sleep), or from a CENTRAL cause (such as from a stroke in the brain, or a MS plaque in the spinal cord). After your footdrop recovered, you have suffered a range of symptoms that are very difficult to put together, but conceivably can occur in MS.
These issues should be easy to sort out clincally. Whether or not you have already seen a neurologist, it may be a good idea for you to seek an opinion from a good clinical general neurologist working in a reputed academic neurology department near you. In case you live near Cleveland, I can recommend any of the neurologists at the Cleveland Clinic. An appointment can be made by calling (800)223-2273, or (216)444-5559 locally.

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