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Heel Toe walking problem - pls help

Many months ago I started have problems with my right leg. I had a really bad itch almost like bud bites on my outer right shin near my ankle. I would itch these and then after two weeks it all went away. I thought it might be a bird might problem, but no longer got these itchy bite bumps (looked similar to flea bites, but they were not flea bites). After a while I started to get a really bad callus on the ball of my right foot under just the middle toe. It has gotten much worse and is terribly painful to walk on without shoes or with any other shoes that aren't my Crocs. I even tried doubling my gel inserts and doubling my socks. That helped but only for a little while.

I decided to give myself a better self exam because the issue was getting worse. I found out that my outer right shin part of my leg is completely numb! I can't feel a thing only that there is pressure on that part of my leg if I have my hand on it. I can literally cut my leg wide open on my right outer shin and I don't think I would feel any pain at all. When I lift my right toes upwards I can do it but it is very weak like it almost feels paralyzed. I then checked out my heel of my right foot and I can no longer raise up on my right heel. I am right handed and my right leg is strongest, yet I can balance on just my left heel just fine, but my right one I can't raise up and balance on it at all! I just flop immediately back down flat on my right foot. I can't even begin to try to balance on it at all. It also feels like it is paralyzed or extremely weak. The only numbness is in the right outer shin from just below the knee to the ankle and starting to go down towards my toes.

Some background. I had surgery on my left big toe for a bunion back in 8th grade ( I am 32 now). I also have scoliosis so back problems could be the cause too and also maybe for the numbness I heard? I tried walking heel toe and I walk heel toe fine on my left foot but my right foot lands flat because I simply can't heel toe with my right foot because of the numbness/weakness.

I guess what I want to know is if this sounds like a normal problem that others have.
If so will my new Crocs help heal my leg/foot/callus problem?
Should I keep off of it all together? I have crutches and can take it easy if need be.
Will I get feeling back in my right leg once I heal myself if possible?

I also seem to remember my back doctor always asking me if I had any numbness in my legs at all and I never did until now. I haven't seen my back doctor in years though because I was doing okay for a while.

Should I go to my back doctor ASAP? Does this sound like a big problem or am I just getting nervous over something small?

Thank you for reading my very long first post. This really will mean the world to me if I can just walk normal again someday!
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Hi RAnderson, I´m sorry to hear about your problem. I think Sarah did not notice that this is the Neurology Community, not the MS one. So it is quite allright to post this here, but she is right that we are no doctors just a peoble that have neurology problems, trying to help others that might also have that.

I think you should go see a doctor, probably a Neurologist. This could be many things, nerve probelms are often difficult to diagnose. So doctors often have to rule out many types of nerve problems. I think you should not wait, unless you are better for now.
Wishing you all the best,
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Am not sure you realize you have posted on a patient to patient MS forum.  We are not doctors, perhaps you meant to post on another page?
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Oh I was just reading someone who had heel-toe walking problems and it said ask a question at the top of the page. I clicked there and it posted in the same forum as the previous heel-toe poster. Can I move this or is this just the wrong website for there types of questions? Can I delete my post if this is not the right place? Thanks!
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Thank you Dagun. I wasn't aware there weren't any doctors here, but honestly real people give me better advice most times. Last time I went to a doctor for a small case of pneumonia they pumped me full of so many pain killers THEN ran a gamut of tests on me. Long story short, they charged me over 9 grand to 'diagnose' a common pneumonia. So I am a little hesitant to just listen to doctors without asking some regular real life human beings first. :) I hope that makes sense and thank you for the recommendation! No, its still about the same. I just got my crocs less than a week ago and honestly they help. I will let this post update when/if I go get medical help/attention. I will also try and pin the exact medical terms down if the doc(s) are able to help. Thanks again!
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Yes please, tell us how this goes. Hope you get better soon :)
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