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Help - Anterior Compression at T8

Hi there,

I really need someone's help.

I had a very bad dose of the flu, and as precaution my doctor sent me for some general chest X-Rays, just to make sure there was no fluid in my lungs, and no pneumonia developing.
I have just picked up the X-Rays, and won
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I would recommend that you have this evaluated further, and try and determine a cause for the fracture. Compression frctures of the spine can cause compression on the spinal cord and cause neurologic symptoms is some patients. A MRI of the spine would be reasonable to evlaute for possible causes, which could include trauma or inappropriate bone strength from various causes. Depending on what further tests revealed then a treatment plan could be arranged. A consultation with a neurosurgeon would be a good starting point. Good luck.
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I understand your worrys.  I've been thru the same conditions.  When I was a teenager, I ran cross country track.  One day I was running at a state park in Iowa, and, in the classic runner's daze, ran off a 30 foot cliff.
Doctors diagnosed the same thing, Anterior Compression at T8.  They told me not to worry unless it got worse.  It did.
I waited too long.  By the time I got tired of the constant back pain and discomfort, it was almost too late.  The disc between T8 and T9 had ruptured in the fall (or shortly there after) and it was starting to press against the spinal cord.
I was lucky, I can still walk (sort of).  Don't just let it go and hope for eventual relief.  It won't come.  See a specialist, and follow his/her recommendations.  You may be lucky, it may not be a problem, but if there could be a problem, see to it now.  Don't wait like I did.
Best of luck,
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