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Help! Smelled ammonia earlier then had odd episode

I smelled ammonia which wasn't there and heard bell ringing afterwards. Two hours later I was playing this word game online. Suddenly, my eyes and brain couldn't work together. Normally, I play the game in an automatic mode because I know the words so well I don't need to concentrate on how to make the words. This time I couldn't do it. And ever since then, I can't play the game without the symptoms coming on again. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes and it's happening again. I'm usually very good at spelling but suddenly I couldn't spell correctly. Also I've been having a difficult time writing, finding the right words for what I want to say.

Then the palm of my hands got ice cold and clammy while my body was normal and sweating. My heart rate became irregular but slow. I have a slow heart rate as it is. It sped up after that to 60, fast for me. Then it went back down to the 50s and I felt strange. I felt as if I'd keel over. I grabbed some aspirin and took 4 baby ones thinking this was something to do with my heart because of the irregular heart beat. I had some chest pain afterwards.

I ate something about 30 minutes later thinking I might be low in sugar. However, that only helped as long as I didn't look at the television or my computer. Still later I felt this pressure in my occipital region. I feel that now too.

I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and it has been hard to control, keeping my doctor on his toes with having to adjust my doses. About two weeks ago, I was hospitalized for Thyrotoxicosis or too much thyroid medicine. An erroneous medicine was given to me, considering I have sinus borderline bradycardia or slow heart rate. That medication makes  a slow heart rate permanently slower. So mine is now slower than it was before being given that medication. Ever since then I've felt weird. When the Thyrotoxicosis occurred I heard weird eye symptoms as well. My eye doc said it was probably a migraine because I had a headache and other symptoms.

I took a shower yesterday and my entire head hurt from the water when it hit my head. I slept all day and felt groggy the rest of the day. Today my head feels strange. I'm nauseated a lot. I called my doctor's office and he wants to check my heart. I'm thinking it's my noodle not my heart that needs to be checked out.

Ideas anyone?
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... I thought maybe someone would at least give me the time of day ... obviously not ...

My internist is referring me to a Neurologist because my symptoms are accumulating and worsening.
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Nausea 24/7 now.
Balance problems.
Weakness in hands and arms.
Seeing black snow on upward gaze, top third of vision.
Upward gaze intensifies symptoms of nausea, dizziness, and weakness.
Touching walls to balance self
Sleeping a lot
Problems with temperature regulation.
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Oh forgot ... the worst of the worst, can't sleep or rest my head on the back of my head. Feels like pressure causes dull pain. I have to sleep on my side with my face almost buried in the pillows.
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Confusing directions, turning to backside instead of right side
Word confusion, might for meant, left for right
Mow for vacuum
Vacuum for mow

I used to think this was all hypothyroid symptoms but now I know it's something else and it's getting worse everyday. EEK!
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I'm a little concerned about what you are describing.

If this has started since any new medications, then I would suspect that.  Sometimes a start of too many new medications at the same time is a not so good idea.

Could be a warning of an impending stroke.  Could be strokes along with stroke related seizures.  It could be something totally different.

My advice - - don't wait for the neurologist!!!  Go to the hospital.  You might just have an allergic or sensitive reaction to the medication or it might be something life threatening.  You will be checked out much faster at a hospital.
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I am on no new medications except for nausea due to the symptoms which keep getting worse and accumulating at the same time.

If they do get worse than this I will go to the ER. I've been there enough so I know the routine.
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Was reading your posts and have had very similar events over the last few months.  Have had no injury or disease process diagnosed.  Am not on any medications.  Was wondering if you ever had a conclusion to your symptoms?
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i found this through looking for something else but have had alot of your symptoms, not all at the same time but some together others on and off for a few years, while waiting for your appointment i'd have a look at books on M.E / chronic fatique syndrome or amagalm poisoning ( not sure how you spell it) it's basically the metal filling work done by dentists. initally i had symptoms of metal taste in mouth, dizzy, sickness,loss of word retrieval, slured speech, fatigue ect lucky my husband knew about these weird things so i went and had all mercury fillings taken out by a specialist dentist and had my filling replaced with composit ones, i found after a couple of weeks my syptoms improved alot, my GP refered me to a psychiatrist thinking i was depressed, i spoke to her about mercury poisoning and M.E and to my suprise she agreed that they could be the problems. a while later i was refered to a different hospital and through having 12 vials of blood taken for numerous things, an xray and a complete physical i was diagnosed with M.E, this didn't solve my problems as it's a matter of managing your energy/time/rest daily and 7years on i still have it but am managing most of the time but it does help to know what the cause is. my advise, continue with ALL your medical appointments, don't be embarrassed to tell them strange things,read up on the things i mentioned it may not have anything to do with you but it wouldn't hurt to look and if it is like you mention it to a few different doctors , some understand M.E and others don't and fob it off.  GOOD LUCK
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