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Help with headaches.

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me today. For about the last year I've gotten very bad headaches. In the last six months they have gotten worse, and much more consistant. Now, they occur everyday, several times a day. They are usually in the front of my head, and somtimes near my temples.  They happen at random times for no paticular reason. If I step outside with a headache already happening, it gets worse, like a sharp stabbing pain. If I step outside without one, I'll sometimes get a minor one. Sometimes when I stand or walk around my vision will go black, and the sound leaves, and I can feel my body give out, it's like falling in slow motion, when the vision and sound comes back in comes slowly like breaking through a snow storm. When I get the headaches I'll sometimes get a little shaky. I've noticed I've started having trouble remember little things, but this is very minor. They are very sever when they occur, making my moods shift radically. The worst it has ever gotten was when we were jump-roping and it felt like my head was going to split open. I was just wondering if this is normal for headaches?
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Dear Kate, welcome to medhelp forum. There are many causes for chronic headaches, some being migraines, depression or tension headaches, secondary to some intracranial pathology like lesions, cervical spondylosis, head injury sinusitis or hypertension. Headaches with associated neurological symptoms, like visual or limb problems, some structural problem could be the cause. Management would differ according to the cause for the headaches. The physician would want to examine you, ask for certain MRI spine and head and look for suggestive symptoms of migraines. You are welcome to discuss further once you meet a physician. Hope this helps.

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Not normal at all for a "regular headache."  

How old are you dear?  
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