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So heres my story. It began when I was 15 years old. One day I was in spanish class doing nothing in particular drawing with some markers and I became lightheaded and had a odd feeling. I assumed it was from the markers I was using to color. Then about a week later I was by my house sitting on the curb and I felt the same odd feeling like out of place at the time I attributed it to lack of sleep.

Then one day the feeling became permanent it was a vision change also things became cloudy when it was at its worst.My vision has since changed at the time this permanent change happend I had a panic attack and my mom took me to the ER because my heart was racing they ran all the basic stuff and found nothing wrong with me. Shortly after I started having these attacks alot where my heart would speed up it felt like it skipped a beat and slowed down. So I went to see a neurologist. He was very helpful we ran a few tests where i watched patterns on a tv screen. But nothing was shown.He suggested maybe I had WPW syndrome. At the time my parents had no insurance and since all the doctors told my parents I was fine they kind of got tired of my complaints plus we didn't have insurance so it was costing them alot of money.

It sort of went away up until a few years ago.I thought maybe it was esophageal spasms in my chest mainly because they seemed to happend after I ate alot.I figured maybe the spasms happend whichc cause me to have a panic attack and make my heart race. But then I had a procedure where they put a scope down my throat.They never said much accept they didnt find anything abnormal. So I basically ruled that out. cause eating gerd healthy foods hasnt changed a thing.Again my symptoms went into remission .Not the vision change its been like that since I was 15 and never went back to normal.But the skips went away and Id get them every now and again but I could deal with it.

Now at 27 years old I dont have medical insurance.I went to the clinic and the Dr. told me "Your to young to have heart problems." He dismissed me and told me I had anxiety and that I was fine. which has happend a few times so I wasnt really suprised. Im currently on a heart monitor because this is my main concern. I have reported a few irregular heart beats but nothing where they called me in right away.

Now the reason im posting in the neurology section is that im a desperate man at the end of his rope I have spent countless nights not being able to go out and enjoy life because I fear I might suddenly die. But hae you heard of the old saying "which came first the chicken or the egg?" well the egg came first and by egg I mean the vision change came first. I only had one neuroligcal test since my insurance situation has always been unstable.My symptoms are as follows.

-Vision Change(blurry vision but not a near sighted or far sighted problem cause I have 20/20 vision Its more of a slightly out of focus feeling and when its bad my vision gets cloudy

-Heart skips beat (currently testing have had a million ekgs x rays and blood tests at the er only.found nothing.

-Muscle twitching (all over

-Sleep Apnea (woke up from my sleep and couldnt breath several times since I was 15

-Feeling of confusion (sometimes I will be staring at something for a small period of time reading a cereal box for example and ill look up and feel confused and disorientated.

-Muscle pain when sneezing (not all the time but it has happend where the pain was almost unbearable.

- Occasional loss of hearing (sometimes out of nowhere ill lose hearing in one ear and ill have a ringing

The vision loss and the heart skipping are my main complaints.I dont use drugs although at the age of 15 I did smoke pot maybe 6 times but it wasnt my thing and havent touched drugs since.I dont drink or smoke cigarettes.

I do have a family history of Atrial fibrillation(grandma on my moms side) , Alzheimers(Grandpa on my dads side) Brain Tumor (Grandma on my dads side.No surgery done so I assume its just a little one)
Diabetes and high blood pressure.(most of my family)
I have been tested for  diabetes as a kid and hypoglacemia as an adult ive had all my hiv and aids tests and hepatitis test done.nothing.

Help? It seems that when I start explaining my story to any Dr. it bores him or he/she is always in a rush and never listens to any of my story instead dismisses me and tells me its anxiety.

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