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Hip Pain

I have been suffering from chronic hip pain for about 8 months. I had THR surgery of my right hip on 1-15-08. I seemed to be recovering at a normal pace until December of 2008. I started experiencing pain in the soft tissue of my right hip. I returned to my orthopedic surgeon for diagnosis.  Xrays confirmed the hip was good, to be sure a bone scan was ordered, it also showed that everything appeared normal. I was referred to a pain management clinic, where I received a trigger injection into the soft tissue, no help. I then was given a diagnostic local nerve block of my L1 and L2, still no help. I then researched and requested Astym physical therapy, which I received for 8 weeks. I finally had some relief, with minor discomfort. There was scar tissue in that area that the Astym seemed to relieve. My doctor suggested a back strengthening therapy, which I did for another 6 weeks. This seemed to bring on other issues, and my walking problems and pain returned with avengence. My doctor ordered an MRI of my back. The results showed arthritis and some degeneration of my lower spine area.  I was referred to a Physiatrist at the clinic, who had me do 4 weeks of ultrasound therapy. The prognosis at the time was a dysfuntional SI joint. The ultrasound was not effective. I was then given an injection into my SI joint, still no relief, my pain actually got worse. I am now scheduled for another injection of my L1 and L5 this week. My wife as well as myself are concerned that this may make my pain worse as all the other injections havn't worked. I would just like to know if we are on the correct path for treatment? My objective is not to just manage the pain, but to find out and correct the problem.
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oh I could be you...had mostly the same tests and treatments.
I also finally saw a physiatrist last March with MRI an BONE SCAN...I have DDD which could be the culprit but also was dx'd with BURSITIS to the hips.
I was put on oxycontin for pain (with no help at least at the dose I am on)
and given a cortisone injection in the bursa...this helped immensely for a bt 5 weeks than the hip and thigh pain started slowly returning after a lapse of approx 3 months my pain is WORSE than it was originally.....a NSAID helps somewhat but was told by my pain specialist NOT to take these, but when in pain I do what I can even with the risks...
I go in 3 weeks and will try another set of cortisone to both hips and talk to this doctor more abt my previous outcome, good luck to us both.
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The symptoms of severe pain that you are experiencing  may be due osteoarthritis or degenerative disease of the spine. The treatment of osteoarthritis includes exercise, medications and measures to protect the joints. This includes a teamwork of rheumatologist, physical therapist and orthopedic surgeon. Please consult an orthopaedic surgeon and rheumatologist for treatment and continue the physiotherapy at the same time for the relief of the symptoms. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!    

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