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Hit to head

  Last night I had a head to head collision with my St.Bernard. I don't really know what happened.
  But I was bent over spraying a weed and she was playing with the other dogs. The next thing I
  knew I saw a flash of white (color of dog) and then I was on my knees and seeing stars.
  My head is a little swollen around the temple/eyebrow area and my eyelid/brow (above eye and
  some below )
  is many beautiful shades of purple.
  It's been 24 hours and I still have a dull headache, fell a little dizzy and sick to my stomach
  at times. I'm also irritable because of my headache. Not any one symptom seems bad enough to
  go to the Dr.
  What can/will the Dr do for this?  My feelings are that this is just something that is
  going to take a few days to heal. I don't want to waste the Drs time or mine
  if there is nothing that can be done, except wait till I heal.
  Thanks for your time,
Dear Lori:
What you are describing is probably a mild concussion. The worrisome symptoms are the irritability and the nausea, because these symptoms among others can be associated with what is called increased intracranial pressure that could be due to blood inside the brain or around it but inside the skull.
Other worrisome symptoms include: headache getting more severe, sleepiness, confusion, vomiting (especially projectile vomiting), weakness in one side (like stroke)...
I hope you are feeling OK by now, but I would strongly suggest that you consult with a local neurologist or see an Emergency Room physician As Soon As Possible. Do NOT wait.
A CT scan may be needed.
Good luck

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