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Horner Syndrome - due to carotid artery dissection

I am 42 yr. old female and was diagnosed with a spontaneous right carotid artery dissection 4 weeks ago. I developed Horner Syndrome ( small pupil, droopy eyelid) and severe headache on the right side with scalp sensitivity.  

2 weeks ago when I was jogging I felt a painful pinch in my right neck and from there it developed to a bad migrane and remained until I was diagnosed and started treatment in the Hospital. I am now on Marcumar ( coumarine)  for 3-6 month. My head feels much better but my eye and scalp is still the same.

Can anyone tell me if the Horner Syndrome went away after a while or if this remained the same?

Is there anything I can do?

What is the treatment of Horner's Syndrome?

Thank you very much!

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can anyone tell me if a cavernous sinus brain tumour cause horners syndrome
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Mine started with a severe migraine type headache.  4 weeks later (no relief from headache), my eye started drooping, and scalp sensitivity started.  I was diagnosed with Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD).  I had a dissection in the right carotid.  That was July 2010.  I finally had nerve block performed to stop the headache and scalp pain in October 2010.  I still have some of the horner's syndrome.  The eyelid always droops just a little....not as noticeable, unless I'm tired or not feeling well.  Neurologist said it will never completely go away due to nerve damage.  Be sure to research FMD.  Most doctors/neurologists have never heard of it.  

Best of luck to you,
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Horner's syndrome or Horner syndrome is a clinical syndrome caused by damage to the sympathetic nervous system. This is do the injury you caused in your head.
Your blood pressure should always be under control, take cholesterol free food and exercise regularly.
You will get it alright very slowly after a longer period.
Continue taking your medication and following up near your neurologist.
Take care!
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ditto exactly what gmm5of6 said, except I am 10 years older....  
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I am a 47 year old male and was diagnosed the same as you the first week of December 08.  Three months in and the scalp sensitivity has gone away but, the Horners Syndrome has not.  It feels like there is always something in my eye or a burning sensation.  The doctor says since the nerves ride the artery they will take time to heal.  I hope this helps.
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