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Hot Red Blotchy Tops of Knees, Forearms, Hands

I used to experience this a little bit when I was a teenager - but it was random, and only on one knee. It would appear out of nowhere - and the only way I'd know to look at it would be from feeling the heat it expelled on the inside of my pant leg radiating back onto my leg.
Recently - I started getting these fiery hot red blotches on both knees almost immediately after consuming alcohol; it appears within 5 minutes of beginning to sip my drink. Within half a serving of alcohol, I feel the heat starting either on my wrists - knees, hands, shins, calves or feet -- every once and a while my cheeks - but not usually.
Usually begins on knees: It begins as a few clearly defined patches per knee cap, then coalesces one big clearly defined/bordered path and then slowly just becomes a huge red spread of heat all over my knees - looks like a sunburn.
What's tough is that it has now started on my hands (begins simultaneously with both index fingers, then spreads to all fingers, back of hands, the tops of my wrists/forearms begin to get hot and red)
I'm worried to death that it might be carcinoid syndrome because it is so closely related to alcohol ingestion (though has happened very rarely since its onset without alcohol - maybe once or twice -probably something else I ingested) and the hyperemia is so intense. Again, there is no pain, nor other symptoms. Just the red hot knees.

Anyone suggesting anything that might be of help would be greatly appreciated.
No other known issues in health.
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I am sorry to hear about your medical problems. Actually you probably have an allergic reaction to alcohol. This can vary depending on the nature of alcohol and on the batch, age and label of the same type of alcohol or wine. The allergy to alcohol even can be due to preservatives, coloring agents, yeast used for brewing, sulfites, gluten products in the alcohol or even to grapes and other bases. It can develop at any time during a person’s life. You need to go for an allergy testing for the ingredients of the beverage you take to know what you are allergic to.  Also possibility of fatty liver and other liver afflictions should be considered as improper metabolism of alcohol too can cause problems.
Please discuss with your doctor. Take care!

The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history. Hence this reply to your post should only be considered as a guiding line and you must consult your doctor at the earliest for your medical problem.
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Hi Dr. Mathur- your response is greatly appreciated. I was hoping you might be able to elaborate on some points.
1. Sudden allergic reaction in an adult approaching the 3rd decade of life who has been an active drinker for over 10 years would be quite unlikely would it not? I am also aware that most doctors dismiss this because of how unlikely the occurrence of alcohol allergy is after a patient has already shown a large and normal drinking history.
My question further is if you have ever seen this  bilateral knee-flame reaction in any patients yourself or if any of your colleagues have ever seen it. I have not been able to find any photos online of such a reaction- and I would be fearful to not explore the concept of a histamine releasing tumor being a possibility (although unlikely in a mid 20s patient I know)
If you do find a moment to respond I would be so grateful.
Thank you.
Have you figured this out??? I have the same thing. I hope to god that it's allergies. Did yours get better?
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I have also experienced this just recently. I have been an active drinker for many many years. I'm 31, female. For me it's just my knees that get red & hot feeling & hot to the touch. I've only noticed it after drinking certain types of alcohol. I've found that captain morgan rum, bacardi razz rum & my homemade sangria are so far the only ones it happens with so far. I recently had these drinks after a long time not having them when it started to happen. First time it happened was with my sangria I make 2-3 weeks ago. My drink of choice is Revel Stoke whiskey & I dont get the reaction from that stuff or from any kinds of beer that I drink. I'm curious also to know what is causing this!
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HI!! I cannot tell you how curious I am about your experience! it has been months and I'm more worried than I have ever been. For me it happened really randomly at first, maybe once a month on one knee- but then it just suddenly snowballed into both knees with alcohol consistently.
Do you mind if I ask you if you are on any medications? I  am on Adderall but I have been for five years. I am trying to make a connection to stimulants with this diagnosis.
I took all the tests for carcinoid: bilirubin, serotonin, 24 hour 5Hiaa and the list goes on- they came back negative but I don't believe them - I am still worried to death I am one of the few who might get negative results while this tumor brews inside of me.
Have u been to a doctor?
Are you Anglican?
Any meds?
Any other conditions? sorry to bombard you- I just have been doing so much research in vain and it's great to hear from an actual fellow  "knee-burner."
oh also how long do your knee blotches last? mine last until I go to bed! they didn't used to though.
Hi Faux_shoyo,

This has happened to me. I am also prescribed adderall and consume alcohol regularly. However, I was looking for a connection for this on the web. - I have not been keen to notice this happening while drinking, but funny enough It has been happening at night the past few days since I have quit drinking...? Weird!
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I get these knee burners after red wine in the evening. Have to wear shorts to keep them cool!I don't take any meds by the way and don't seem to suffer after any beer or vodka intake. Go figure!
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Just found this thread googling my burning knees. I started experiencing it tonight after drinking red wine - I'm also prescribed Adderall.
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I get blotchy knees occasionally and I'm also prescribed Adderall. I'm currently experiencing this hot, blotchy knee problem at the end of a long weekend of drinking while participating in a friend's wedding. I've been having trouble liking it directly to alcohol in general, let alone a particular type, because I typically don't notice it while I'm drinking, but rather when I get home or later in the day/night. I am on medication for Hypothyroid as well so perhaps my slowed metabolism is a reason for the delayed reaction.
Hey, did you ever figure this out?? I have the same thing. I am searching desperately.
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I also get red hot knees after my first drink...but only sometimes. Seems it happens when my period is close. Also bright red ears. It also happens more when I'm hot or don't drink enough water. I do have an allergy to sulfites.
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I too experience red, hot blotchy knee caps after a few sips of my first drink. I've never been to the doctor for it, I just figured I'd developed an allergic reaction to drinking alcohol. This is the only place I've heard of people experiencing the same things I do, and I just want to know how things are currently, and if seeking medical attention is worth it, or a waste of time and money, and they're just going to tell me not to drink anymore (although I hardly do in the first place).

I'm just merely concerned, as it was so random, started in about December of this past year...and it's never happened before then. It also seems to happen every time now. Just looking for some more insight!

Thank you!
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This has happened to me. I am also prescribed adderall and consume alcohol regularly. However, I was looking for a connection for this on the web. - I have not been keen to notice this happening while drinking, but funny enough It has been happening at night the past few days since I have quit drinking...? No other conditions or prescription medication.
Did you ever figure this out? I hqve the same issue! And mine happens without drinking now as well.
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I have the same exact problem. Used to be every once in a while, and it's much more frequently now - almost every day. I notice mine after drinking certain beer/wine, after a hot shower, while/after exercise but even sometimes in the evening when I have done none of the previously mentioned activities. Anyone else get it other than while drinking? I'm 28 female. My mom has thyroid disease so I'm curious if it could be some type of autoimmune disorder? I'm also considering trying cryotherapy to see if it helps with the inflammation.
Im glad Im not alone cause this happens to me all the time but I havent noticed it when I drink.  Its usually after a hot shower or when Im outside.  No idea what causes it but its on both knees and both feet
How was cryptotherapy? Did it help? I hwve the same thing. My knees get inflamed towards the end of the day and at night or when I'm overheated. I have allergies sometimes and sensitive skin.
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I have had this problem all my life my mother had it too. We are not drinkers so I don't get it. I have red knees all the time and red palms, Doctors have not been able to diagnose this for me??
My daughter is severely disabled and she will randomly have red palms sometimes extending up her wrists and sometimes her knees will be red and hot to the touch too.  This typically happens late afternoon to early evening for no apparent reason.  Would love an explanation.  She's non verbal so I have no idea if this is troublesome to her.  She will also experience face flushing especially across the nose.  She had spinal surgery after which the face flushing became very bad and she was diagnosed with rosacea. When her face flushes it's hot to the touch and she is very irritable.  I think it feels like a hot flash to her.  Again typically later afternoon or around dinner time.  Would love an answer.  I think it's some kind of autoimmune disorder.  She also has psoriasis and I wonder if she possibly has arthritis.  Do any of you have an autoimmune disorder?
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